30g China Panda Gold Coin | 2023

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30g China Panda Gold Coin | 2023

The China Gold coin Incorporation under the guidance of the People’s Bank of China is back with a new design of its famous Panda gold coin! It was in 1982 that the Chinese Mint first released the first Panda coin, deciding that each year, a new design would be depicted. An ode to the gentle strength of China’s national animal - the panda - this new 2023 version is as beautiful as its predecessors.

The Panda bear, also known as the giant panda is a national symbol of China but is also a well-loved animal throughout the world. They live in temperate forests high in the mountains of southwest China and they subsist almost entirely on bamboo.

On the reverse of this new coin, two young pandas have been depicted in their natural habitat, amongst bamboo trees. The designer responsible for this lovely drawing, Tong Fang has called the scene “accompanying love”. Since 2019, the Panda coin has opened a new ten-year story with the theme of “love”. Each Panda coin has represented an important node in life: the panda male meeting the female, the couple having a family, the mother showing the cubs how to find food, and the two little pandas playing in the snow. Here, the brother and sister are two and a half years old and can now survive on their own. In this design, the brother stretches out his paw towards his sister who is climbing up the tree and also reaching out. This site also features the purity, the fineness of the gold, and the face value of the coin “500” yuan.

The obverse side of the 30g China Panda Gold Coin depicts Beijing’s awe-inspiring Temple of Heaven, encircled by lettering that translates to “The People’s Republic of China” and the year of mintage “2023”. This iconic sight forms a commanding image that elevates the appeal of this attractive gold coin. This Taoist temple hosts religious ceremonies that are said to ensure good harvests. The coins in the Chinese Panda Series have featured this design as one of the two elements every year since the program started.

Sought after by collectors because of their limited annual mintage and varying design, Chinese Gold Pandas fetch considerable premiums in the secondary market. This beautiful coin contains 30 grams of .999 fine gold. Each Brilliant Uncirculated coin arrives sealed in plastic and has a face value of 500 yuan, backed by the Chinese government.

Collectors and investors alike will want to secure the 2023 30-gram Chinese Gold Panda 500 Yuan gold coin. And it is now available on StoneX Bullion!

Country: China
Product number: 106147
Series: China Panda
Mint: China Gold Coin Incorporation
Purity: 999/1000
Diameter, mm: 32.00
Face value: 500
Currency: Yuan
Product packaging: Sealed in plastic
Bulk packaging: 
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