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Sell your bullion coins and bars back to us with hassle-free and secure buyback service. Enjoy competitive rates based on real-time metal prices.

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1 oz Europa silver coin 2022

Invest in the new Europa Silver Coin, a stunning and striking piece of art which features the Goddess Europa. Her myth inspired authors, writers and artists to give her name to the European continent. She was said to represent the epitome of feminine beauty on Earth….

Did you know?

According to Greek mythology, Zeus was so besotted by Europa that he decided to transform himself into a white bull. The main reason was to escape from the jealousy of his wife and allow him to abduct Europa and carry her from Phoenicia to Crete.

The details of the coin

The obverse of the coin depicts a youthful and beautiful Europa riding the magnificent bull. She looks elegant and determined, fierce and brave, holding the bull’s collar in one hand. Europa and Zeus/the bull are surrounded by turbulent waters and are both looking in the same direction: Crete which they are trying to reach.

The design has been created by Jody Clark who is one of the major designers, and who has portrayed Elizabeth II’s on many coins. You can see his initials on the right hand side of the bull and Goddess. The obverse features the engraved wording Europa and the Bull, the purity 999.9, the metal “Fine Silver” and the weight “1oz”

The reverse of this coin represents the coat of arms of the Central Bank of Malta. The design contains in Latin, the motto, "Fiducia Fortis" - "In Confidence Strength," and "1968", the date of the Bank's foundation.

Malta’s reference has been chosen because of its links to Europa which date back to 750 B.C when the Phoenicians (from the ancient region along the eastern coast of the Mediterranean) settled on Malta. It was for them the ideal mid-point for their trading routes.

Here can be found on top of the coin ‘Central Bank of Malta” and at the bottom the value of the coin: 1.50 euros

Why invest in the 1oz Europa Silver coin?

Silver has always been considered honest money and will generally outperform gold during a bull market. Investors know that if they need to sell, these coins will command higher prices and there will be plenty of demand.This was the case during and after the financial crisis of 2008.

StoneX Bullion is proud to offer this beautiful 1oz Goddess Europa and the bull Silver coin on its site. So don’t wait and purchase it today!

Country: Malta
Product number: 2MT01
Mint: Asahi
Purity: 999.0/1000
Diameter, mm: 39
Face value: 0.015
Currency: Euro
Bulk packaging: 20 per tube
1 The weight displayed is the fine metal content of the item. It does not reflect the actual weight of the product which may be higher.
* Products may vary slightly from the picture shown.
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