10 Rouble Nikolaus II Tsardom | Gold | 1897-1911

Shipped quickly and safely.

Shipped quickly and safely.

Nicholas II 10 Rouble Gold Coins: Rare Pieces of History

The Russian 10 rouble gold coins have an important place in history and there uniqueness make them a special piece of any coin collection. They were minted between 1897 and 1911 on the orders of Czar Nicholas II and represented the dynasty of the House of Romanov – the last family to reign over the Russian Empire. With a gold content of 0.249 troy ounces, the 10 rouble gold coin make an excellent addition to any coin collection for those lucky enough to get their hands on one.

Why buy Nicholas II 10 Rouble Gold Coins?

Gold coins are a valuable investment and promise better returns than riskier money-based investment and other bank-owned schemes, especially in times of economic hardship when interest rates are low.

Historic coins, like the Nicholas II 10 rouble gold coin, have the distinct advantage over standard bullion issue because of their rarity, thus making them appealing to coin collectors and enabling investors to attract a higher price.

Design of Nicholas II 10 Rouble gold coins

The obverse side of the Nicholas II 10 rouble coins features the left-facing bust of the Russian Czar, the last Emperor of Russia before he was forced to abdicate in the aftermath of the revolution in 1917.

The reverse has a double-headed eagle with its tail spread, the Coat of Arms for the former Byzantine Empire the incorporated Russia, Kazan and Astrakhan. The denomination of 10 roubles and the date the coins were manufactured also appear on this side.

History of Rouble Gold Coins 1897-1911

The rouble is the official currency of the Russian Federation and was first established in the 16th Century. Gold rouble coins were first introduced in 1897 by Nicholas II in an effort to stabilise the Russian economy. The country suffered severe debts during the war with Napoleon and inflation was high.

The coin initially performed well and was in the top five list of the world’s best currencies by the turn of the century. However, paper money borrowed from foreign governments took its toll and a limited number of coins were minted in 1906 and 1907.

The economic outlook for Russia did not improve and resulted in the social uprising of 1917. Bolsheviks lead by Vladimir Lenin rallied with workers to overthrow the royal crown and Nicholas II was forced to abdicate the throne in February 1917. The following year, the former King and his family were assassinated, marking an end to the House of Romanov.

Gold rouble investment bullion has not been minted in Russia since, although economic reforms did strengthen the value of the rouble. From 1961 until the collapse of the USSR, the rouble shared the same exchange rate as pound sterling.

Security of 10 Rouble Gold Coins

The Russian Mint was established in Saint-Petersburg by Peter the great in 1724. Gold rouble coins were not minted until 1897 and only lasted 14 years before production ceased.

The 10 rouble coin therefore has historic importance and are a rare breed of coin, making them very difficult to counterfeit even if a forger was fool enough to try. The rarity of these coins are a waste of time to counterfeit.

Investors can therefore be assured that 10 Rouble Nicholas II coins from StoneX Bullion are genuine quality and have been thoroughly checked by our experts for authenticity.

Buying and selling Rouble gold coins

As a leading distributor of gold coins, StoneX Bullion GmbH buy and sell Russian gold coins. We are particularly interested in hearing from anyone with rare coins like Nicholas II 10 rouble coins for sale. If you do have any in your possession and looking to cash in on your investment, do not hesitate to contact a member of our staff who will be happy to calculate an offer and confirm the same by email. StoneX Bullion pay highly competitive rates for authentic coins at current market prices.

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