1 oz Merlin Myths and Legends Gold Coin | 2023

Shipped quickly and safely.

Shipped quickly and safely.

1 oz Merlin Myths and Legends Gold Coin | 2023

We all like a good legend and amongst all the legends, the one of King Arthur and Merlin has a special place in our hearts.

And what a better way to celebrate a popular figure from British mythology than a coin !

This coin featuring Merlin the sorcerer is produced by the Royal Mint and is the second mythical figure to be represented on a commemorative coin in the Myths and Legends collection. The series was launched in march 2021 with the tales of Robin Hood (first coin was dedicated to Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest)

Here the Royal Mint pays tribute to Merlin who was said to be an often mad being, born of a mortal mother and an incubus from whom he inherited his supernatural powers and abilities. (prophecy and shapeshifting) . The figure of Merlin was essentially created by Geofrey of Monmouth in his 12th century work Historia Regum Britanniae.

The design of the coin has been created by David Lawrence, an illustrator with several coin designs in his portfolio. Here Merlin is depicted with an owl on his shoulder which represents the sorcerer’s wisdom. At his belt is a golden sickle for cutting mistletoe in the sacred grove and he holds a magic stave. Glastonbury appears in the background, which is said to be the inspiration for the mystical isle of Avalon. The attention to details is remarkable from the face of the owl to the details of Merlin’s beard.

On this side can be found the following inscriptions: MERLIN, 1 OZ, Fine gold, 999.9 and the year of mintage 2023.

The obverse features the portrait of the new King Charles III following the death of Elizabeth II in September 2022. The portrait was masterfully created by artist Martin Jennings, best known for his public sculptures which include the poet John Betjeman, in St Pancras Station in London, and Philip Larkin in Hull. He used photographs to come up with the design, rather than the King sitting for a specific portrait. King Charles is said to be very pleased with the end result.

After working from the photographs, Martin Jennings then modelled his design in plaster which was digitally reduce to the correct size for a coin

His Majesty had his left-profile bust elegantly designed, unlike the Queen’s effigy, which used to be of her right-profile. The tradition for British monarchs to face a different direction to their predecessor dates back to the seventeenth century. While Queen Elizabeth II was shown wearing a crown in four of her five definitive coinage portraits, Jennings' portrait of Charles sports no glittering headgear or other symbols of his royal status.

Encircling this striking depiction is an inscription, presented in traditional Latin "CHARLES III · D · G · REX · F · D · 100 POUNDS · 2023". Translated to English, it reads: "Charles III, By the Grace of God, King, Defender of the Faith, 100 Pounds, 2023".

This is the largest gold coin in this exciting bullion coin collection and each coin contains one troy ounce of 999.9 fine gold minted to the highest standard by the famous Royal Mint.Gold coin is a hedge against inflation and uncertainty, as it tends to retain its value over time. This makes gold coins like these not only aesthetically pleasing but also a prudent investment. Purchase this beautiful 1 oz gold coin Merlin Myths and Legends today on Stonex Bullion.

Country: United Kingdom
Product number: 109337
Series: Myths and Legends
Mint: The Royal Mint
Purity: 999.9/1000
Diameter, mm: 32.69
Thickness, mm: 2.38
Face value: 100
Currency: British Pound
1 The weight displayed is the fine metal content of the item. It does not reflect the actual weight of the product which may be higher.
* Products may vary slightly from the picture shown.
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