1 oz Krugerrand Gold Coin | Mixed Years

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Shipped quickly and safely.

Shipped quickly and safely.

The 1oz Gold Krugerrand Coin Mixed Years

The South African Krugerrand is among the most prestigious coins in the bullion market. Made from 22-karat gold, the iconic coins were the first bullion to be made available to a private investment market and are still as highly regarded today as they were when they first made an appearance in 1969. Subsequently, the Krugerrand is one of the most accessible bullion coins available, carry a low purchase premium and boast a high liquidity. Investors looking to improve the diversity of their investment portfolio, or add gold to their collection for the first time, the South African Krugerrand represents a good choice.

Why buy mixed year 1oz Gold Krugerrand Coins?

Krugerrand coins are a worthwhile investment regardless of the year in which they were minted – but given the history of these coins, buying one from our collection of mixed year make your purchase a little bit more special.What makes the Krugerrand such a good investment is they are recognized all over the world as a solid investment – something that has not always been possible. As a result, the Krugerrand in the modern market is easy to buy and easy to sell. Gold has always been a good investment and performs very strongly in modern times giving the financial devastation caused by economic depressions. Buy 1oz Krugerrand for a low price and you are certain to make a healthy profit over the long-term.


Krugerrands are recognized by the distinctive orange hue and the galloping Springbok Antelope depicted in full stride on the reverse side of the coins.On the obverse side is the profile of the esteemed South African President, Paul Kruger, the hero of the first Boer War who successfully held office for four consecutive terms between 1883 and 1900. The coin takes its name from Kruger, together with Rand, the national currency of the country.


The South African Krugerrand was first minted in 1967 after the South African Central Bank took the decision to produce gold bullion coins for private investors. At the time, bullion was not available to a wider audience of investors and was instead reserved only for professional investors of large institutions.It was considered a bold move at the time, but the Krugerrand proved extremely successful and plugged a gap in the market. Ultimately, it shaped the bullion trade we know today. The South African coins are therefore an iconic collector's item and are as popular today as they were in the 1970's.

Security of Krugerrand gold coins

Despite the efforts of forgers to produce counterfeit coins, the security measures employed by the world's leading mints make it practically impossible for gold bullion coins to pass the attention of experienced dealers like our experts at StoneX Bullion.The South African Mint is no exception and the Krugerrand is made to precise specifications using the latest minting technologies. Furthermore, the coins are scrupulously inspected to ensure they are genuine. As a leading dealer of gold bullion coins we also buy 1oz Krugerrands from sellers, so if you have any in your possession and would like to cash in on your investment contact a member of our staff and we will be happy to prepare an offer on your behalf.

Country: South Africa
Product number: 11607
Series: Krugerrand
Mint: Rand Refinery South Africa
Mintage: unlimited
Purity: 916.7/1000
Diameter, mm: 32.77
Thickness, mm: 2.84
Product packaging: Sachet
Bulk packaging: 10 per tube
1 The weight displayed is the fine metal content of the item. It does not reflect the actual weight of the product which may be higher.
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By Peter, Japan / Apr 4, 2019

Very pleased

Just ordered a 1oz Krugerrand from mixed years - received a beautiful early 1978 coin that looks like it was minted yesterday. I intend to use it as a fob on my watch chain - lots of people use sovereigns - never seen anyone else with a Krugerrand.


By Paul, Netherlands / Apr 26, 2017

Older coin, looks great

Very nice to get one of the older coins, received a 1984 coin that is in good condition.


By Anonymous, Germany / Jul 15, 2023

Wie erwartet, alles TOP

Es lief alles bestens.


By Leszek, Poland / Jan 18, 2023

Wszystko ok

Szybko sprawnie bezproblemowo


By Bartłomiej, Poland / Jan 16, 2023


Trochę miałem niepewności ponieważ pierwszy raz złożyłem zamówienie ale wszystko ok przeciągu trzech dni zamówienie było u mnie


By Anonymous, Poland / Sep 21, 2020

wszystko ok

bardzo dobrze


By Anonymous, Poland / Oct 11, 2019

Towar zapakowany tak jak tego oczekiwałem. Szybka wysyłka. Bezpiecznie.



By Anonymous, Netherlands / Aug 28, 2019

W pełni udana transakcja

Towar otrzymany zgodny z opisem, wysłany w terminie. Bardzo dobre opakowanie


By Devis, Italy / Aug 14, 2018

1 oz Krugerrand d'oro (anni misti)

Buon giorno, non sono un dipendente Coininvest e non mi stato chiesto di scrivere una recensione. Dopo un paio di telefonate ed un paio di mail ho effettuato l' ordine. Bonifico SEPA estero. Velocissimi nell' elaborare l' ordine e nella spedizione. Oggetto arrivato oggi. Mi avevano spiegato che le monete anni misti possono recare segni di usura o graffi, e che vengono acquistate solo per il loro contenuto in oro fino. La moneta che io ho ricevuto é stupenda, senza segni di caduta né imperfezioni. L' oggetto é degno di entrare in una collezione numismatica. Aggiungo che la moneta é talmente bella da avere ancora il "LUSTRO DI CONIO". Pensavo che i Krugerrand anni misti fossero una seconda scelta, ma ho dovuto ricredermi. L' oggetto é perfetto nel dritto, nel rovescio e nelle zigrinature laterali,controllato con la lente. Grazie per la Loro efficienza, celerità e disponibilità. Dopo una prima negazione per mail sono stato accontentato in tutto. Servizio perfetto. Su questo sito ho trovato il miglio prezzo di internet. DB


By Anonymous, Germany / Apr 26, 2018

Perfekter Kauf

Ich wurde gut beraten und pünktlich beliefert. War mit der Abwicklung sehr zufrieden. Ist sehr zu empfehlen.