Shipped quickly and safely.

Shipped quickly and safely.

The 2012 1/2 oz "Discover Australia" Proof Gold coin: Green and Gold Bellfrog

The 2012 1/2 oz Green and Gold Bellfrog is a proof gold bullion coin lavishly minted in only 500 pieces of 24 karat purity gold and proudly presented by the Perth Mint as part of a special 5 coin collection included in the "Discover Australia" series. It is an estimable coin that combines all the qualities the demanding collector would wish, and promises to be the pride and joy of your collection

Why buy the 2012 1/2 oz "Discover Australia" Proof Green and Gold Bellfrog?

The coin carries a rather high premium, but no intuitive collector will complain as the Australian legal tender 2012 Gold Proof Green and Gold Bellfrog has got it all: extreme rarity (paralleled by a handful of coins ever minted internationally), the world famous Perth Mint quality and security features (including a Numbered Certificate of Authenticity) and a most captivating detailed design of the adorable animal native to eastern Australia, first time appearing on a Perth Mint coin. Placed in a wooden presentation box, and carrying the 'P' mintmark, this coin is highly unlikely to ever leave your collection, but if it did, it would have lost nothing of its glow and market value. Other coins in this collector’s series include the Kookaburra, the Whale Shark, the Goanna and the Red Kangaroo.

Description Bellfrog gold coins

The 2012 Green and Gold Bellfrog 1/2 oz gold coin weighs 1,560 g of .9999 purity gold. It is 25.60mm in diameter, it is 2.40mm thick, and has a nominal value of AUS $50. The regal portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, engraved by Ian Rank-Broadley adorns the obverse of the 2012 ½oz Proof Gold Green and Gold Bellfrog. Her Majesty's name is inscribed along the top-left quarter of the rim, followed by "AUSTRALIA" to the right and the legal tender value of AUS "50 DOLLARS" at the bottom, abutted by bullet points on each side. The reverse features an inspired depiction-perfect in every detail - of a Green and Gold Bellfrog hidden in the bush, looking for its prey. The frogs are voracious eaters of insects, but unlike most frogs, they are active at daytime. The inscriptions are "DISCOVER AUSTRALIA" "GREEN & GOLD BELL FROG" the "P" mint mark, and stamped are the date of issue, purity, and weight of the coin.

History Discover Australia proof coins

The 2012 1/2 oz "Discover Australia" Gold Proof Green and Gold Bellfrog coin has a very short history, as it was part of a One Year Issue of the "Discover Australia" series. Let it be said, though, that its supreme quality, unique rarity and glamorous presence are its credentials for a very bright future and a great commercial success.

Security of the 2012 1/2 oz "Discover Australia" Gold Proof Bellfrog coins

As advanced technology minting techniques were used by the Perth Mint, security features were also devised to ensure the protection and security of your investment against counterfeit. Special dies were manufactured for the 500 proof finish coins, and any experienced dealer will guarantee their authenticity. The rarity of the coin also counts, as no reasonable forger would flood the market with coins of which everyone knows only 500 were struck.

Buying and selling 2012 1/2 oz "Discover Australia" Proof Green and Gold Bellfrog coins

StoneX Bullion buy and sell 2012 ½ oz Gold Gold Proof Green and Gold Bellfrogs at very competitive rates. To purchase your coins, simply add the desired quantity to your basket by clicking on the orange strip in the volume pricing section. Should the coin be available in stock, we will immediately process your order, but you must allow at least 5 working days for delivery as there are bank transfers that do not reach us for up to 3 days depending on your bank and country of residence.

If you wish to sell 2012 ½ oz Gold Gold Proof Green and Gold Bellfrogs in your collection do not hesitate to contact a member of our friendly staff to discuss a price and prepare a fixed fee offer for a limited time only. We will send you confirmation of our offer by email.

Country: Australia
Product number: 10158
Series: Discover Australia
Mint: The Perth Mint Australia
Mintage: 500
Purity: 999.9/1000
Diameter, mm: 25.60
Thickness, mm: 2.40
Face value: 50
Currency: Australian Dollar
Product packaging: Plastic capsule and gift case
Authenticity guarantee: Certificate
1 The weight displayed is the fine metal content of the item. It does not reflect the actual weight of the product which may be higher.
* Products may vary slightly from the picture shown.
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