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Sell your bullion coins and bars back to us with hassle-free and secure buyback service. Enjoy competitive rates based on real-time prices.

Sell your bullion coins and bars back to us with hassle-free and secure buyback service. Enjoy competitive rates based on real-time metal prices.

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1oz Gold Canadian Howling Wolf 2014

The one ounce “Howling Wolf" 200 dollar gold coin is yet another groundbreaking bullion coin to be produced by the innovations of the Royal Canadian Mint. The first of a collectible three-coin series, this one ounce gold gem is struck with a .99999 (five 9's) purity and represents the natural heritage of the country. The Howling Wolf is the first circulated bullion coin to produce a coin with 99.999% purity and is therefore one of the most sought after coins on the bullion market. Order immediately to avoid disappointment!

Why buy Gold “Howling Wolf" coins?

With a face value of 200 dollars and the highest purity of gold content in any precious metal consumer product, the Canadian Howling Wolf gold coin represents an excellent investment. The coin is the first of three collectibles in the RCM's “Call of the Wild Gold Series" making the coins even more valuable if you collect all three.

Not only that, but the limited mintage make the coins highly prized assets and the series is already proving to be a strong performer in the market. The attention to detail in the design and the overall beauty of the coin has an eye-catching appeal, but it is the promise of a solid ROI that has most captured the imaginations of buyers.

Design of the Howling Wolf Gold Coin

The one ounce gold coin features a grey wolf on the reverse, a native wild animal prevalent in Canada. As the name of the coin indicates the enigmatic beast is depicted howling, with minute detail in the close-up image encompassing the ferociousness of the species. The reverse side also indicates the country of origin, the coin weighs 1 oz and has a gold content of .99999. On the bottom ridge is a small emblem of the maple leaf which is the security tag.

The “grey" wolf embodies the idea of Canada's cast wilderness and the depiction of the howling wolf was designed by Pierre Leduc. The French Canadian artist is no stranger to the Royal Canadian Mint and has previously produced their 1998 sea life collection which included the Killer Whale, Humpback Whale, Beluga Whale and Blue Whale.

The obverse side of the Howling Wolf has the traditional portrait of Queen Elizabeth II which has featured in Canadian struck coins since 2003. The year the coin was made (2014) and the face value of 200 dollars is inscribed above the bottom rim.

History of the Howling Wolf Gold Coin

The Royal Canadian Mint was founded in the early 1900's following the discovery of gold in Yukon and British Columbia. A refinery was required to address the complex process involved in producing currency. Since its foundation the Mint has gone from strength to strength.

The RCM has been a leader in the gold consumer market since 1969 when they increased the gold content of bullion to .999 and in 1979 increased gold content in coins to .995. They broke their own record in 1982 by raising the purity of the Maple Leaf gold coins to 99.99%.

The one ounce Howling Wolf is yet another showpiece in the Mint's hall of achievements - the first consumer coin to contain 99.999% gold. They had achieved the feat in 2007 when they found their way into the pages of the Guinness Book of Records for a third time with the production of the $1 million masterpiece that contained 99.999% gold and weighed a 100kg. Only three coins were produced and is the only gold bullion coin of its kind.

Security of the Howling Wolf Gold Coin

The RCM as not only been a pioneer in the improvement of gold bullion as an investment tool, but also with the security measure that ensure their products can be counterfeited without detection.

2014 marked another level of achievement by incorporating a micro-etched maple leaf that is cut using the latest technology and cannot be copied. Furthermore, each coin is packaged in apresentation box and issued with a certificate of authentication from the RCM.

Buying and Selling Gold Howling Wolf Coins

Given the popularity of gold bullion coins produced by the Royal Canadian Mint, we urge any interested buyers to contact us immediately and place your order for the one ounce Canadian Howling Wolf. We only have limited supplies and to avoid disappointment you will need to act fast.

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Country: Canada
Product number: 10432
Series: Call of the Wild
Mint: Royal Canadian Mint
Purity: 999.99/1000
Diameter, mm: 30.00
Face value: 200
Currency: Canadian Dollar
Product packaging: Sachet
1 The weight displayed is the fine metal content of the item. It does not reflect the actual weight of the product which may be higher.
* Products may vary slightly from the picture shown.
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