20 Franc Albert I Belgium | Gold | 1909-1934

Shipped quickly and safely.

Shipped quickly and safely.

Albert I 20 Franc Gold Coin

The rarity of Albert I gold coins minted in Belgium, makes them a highly sought after commodity. Issued for one year only in 1914, 250,000 coins were produced, making them extremely rare in today’s market. The historic gold coins therefore represent an exceptional investment opportunity that promises an excellent return on investment.

Why buy Albert I Gold Coins?

Belgium only started minting their own gold coins in 1832 following independence from the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Other than during the reign of Leopold II from 1865 to 1909, Belgian kings were not big on minting gold coins – thus are very rare. Not only that, but the Albert I 20 franc gold coin was only produced in one year – 1914. Even then the issue was a low mintage with just 125,000 coins made with a French inscription and a further 125,000 engraved in Flemish. They were the last gold coins ever to be minted in Belgium. The coins are regally designed and have a fineness of .1867 per troy ounce of gold which makes these rare coins very affordable for an experienced investor and gold coin collector. Given there are such a limited number of Albert I 20 francs in circulation, StoneX Bullion cannot guarantee we will always have these valuable assets in stock. We therefore recommend you take the opportunity to act fast and purchase whilst you can.

Design of Albert I gold coins

Unsurprisingly, the profile of Albert front of the coins, but unlike his predecessors is seen wearing military uniform. Given King Albert had these coins minted in 1914 (thus designed in 2013),could the head of Belgian have been sending out his declaration of war before the First World War had even begun? He must certainly have known what Kaiser Wilhelm’s intentions were! The Albert I gold coins then are no ordinary coins and represent power and protection, and this ideology is supported by the reverse design which bears the Coat of Arms of Belgium. The crest features a standing lion in a shield, the lion representing strength and the shield representing protection. The shield is shrouded with a royal cape and the King’s crown. The 20 F monetary value flanks either side of the shield whilst the date of issue is inscribed at the bottom.

History of Albert I Gold coins

Albert I succeeded his uncle, Leopold II to the throne of the Kingdom of Belgian at the tender age of 16. However, despite his wealth and power, Albert did not have the same penchant for producing gold. The reasons are not known, although given Leopold II was pillaging the Congo in Africa of its precious metal resources, Albert’s conscious may have persuaded him against minting gold coins. King Albert was certainly a valiant leader, a trait that is reflected in the coins minted in 1914 – a one year only issue. As Germany’s Wehrmacht was gearing up to conquer Europe, Albert ordered the production of 250,000 gold coins bearing his profile in military uniform. The design was a symbolic declaration that Albert I was prepared to fight against his neighbours if Kaiser Wilhelm declared war despite the country being neutral. As it turned out, the Belgians were no match for the might of their powerful neighbours and were occupied for the entirety of World War One.

Security of gold Albert I gold coins

Albert I 20 franc gold coins have distinctive features experienced dealers can use to determine their authenticity. Containing a 0.1867 fineness of pure gold per troy ounce, these coins are an excellent opportunity to steal a rare coin for an affordable price.

Buying and selling Belgian Franc Gold coins

StoneX Bullion GmbH buy and sell gold coins of all origins worldwide. We are particularly keen to hear from owners of highly collectible coins such as the Albert I 20 franc gold coin, so if you do have any in your possession and are interested in a price, contact a member of our friendly staff. As leading dealers in Europe, we offer highly competitive prices at current market prices. If you would like to buy an Albert I 20 franc gold coin from the StoneX Bullion online store, simply click on the image above and add the coin to your shopping trolley indicated by the orange strip on the next page.

Country: Belgium
Product number: 10302
Series: Belgian Franc
Purity: 900/1000
Diameter, mm: 21.00
Face value: 20
Currency: Belgian Franc
Product packaging: Sachet
1 The weight displayed is the fine metal content of the item. It does not reflect the actual weight of the product which may be higher.
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By Leanne, United Kingdom / Mar 8, 2018

Amazing detail!!

This coin is much better in hand than it appears on screen. The detail in Albert 1st suit is miniature and precise. The coin I received was almost proof like in appearance. Lovely addition to any collection.