New Zealand Mint


Founded in 1967, the New Zealand Mint is an independently owned company based in Auckland. It is the country's only privately owned mint and it was one of the first in the world to embrace the .9999 standard in gold coin purity. 

Over Four Decades of Excellence

The New Zealand Mint has been producing its prestigious range of gold and silver bullion and collector's coins for over 40 years. Products like the New Zealand Mint's uncirculated Kiwi coins illustrate its commitment to quality and perfection. Design details are outstanding and .9999 gold coins and .999 silver coins issued by the mint
are eagerly snapped up by the world's most discerning bullion traders and collectors.

When the large US investment banks went through a period of crisis towards the end of the 2000s, the New Zealand Mint was the first choice for many investors who wanted a safe and secure haven for their capital. The mint is said to have done up to a month's worth of transactions every day over the course of the US bank crisis.

The New Zealand Mint Now

The New Zealand Mint continues to produce an outstanding range of premium grade bullion coins and collectors coins. Its products are valued by collectors for their exceptional and sometimes unusual design details and the mint is also known as an innovator in coloured gold and silver collector's coins which it creates under licence.

Minters of the South Pacific

Under the now famous tag-line, Minters of the South Pacific, the New Zealand Mint produces bullion coins for several regional nations including Niue, Tuvalu, Fiji and the Cook Islands. Some of its notable products for investors and collectors include the New Zealand Gold Kiwi, the Silver Kiwi series and the Niue Hawksbill Turtle coins.

The New Zealand Gold Kiwi - the 1 oz Gold Kiwi is the signature bullion coin of the New Zealand Mint. The Gold Kiwi has a millesimal fineness of .9999 and features artist Rick Lewis's image of the kiwi, the flightless bird that is the official symbol of New Zealand. Its obverse shows the map of New Zealand and the country's name in Maori - Aotearoa, meaning the land of the long white cloud - with the four stars of the Southern Cross.

The New Zealand Silver Fern - the silver fern is an internationally recognised symbol of New Zealand and it is beautifully depicted on the reverse of this popular bullion coin. The reverse again shows the map of new Zealand and the four stars of the Southern Cross.

The Niue Hawksbill Turtle - a truly beautiful .999 silver coin for collectors created for the South Pacific land of Niue by the New Zealand Mint. Valued for its design details and its purity.

Where to buy products from the New Zealand Mint

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