May 2012


May 2012

About the Kookaburra 10 oz Silver Coin

By StoneX Bullion

Kookaburra 10 oz Silver Coin description

The Kookaburra silver bullion coins minted by the Perth Mint started in 2012 and comprises, among denominations like the 1oz and the 1 kilo coin, the Kookaburra 10oz silver coin. The Australian Perth Mint announced the Kookaburra series as an annual series therefore we await the release for 2013 and so on.

For now investors and numismatists are satisfied with the Kookaburra 10oz silver coin and with the thought of knowing that the Australian Mint will continue to surprise them in the future. It is a new starting series that will surely match the success of the Koala series, which are very much alike.

The Kookaburra 10oz silver coin has a 75.600 diameter, a thickness of 8.700 mm and the weight of one coin is 311 grams or 10 troy ounces. It has 99.90% fineness; otherwise expressed it is manufactured from pure silver.

Kookaburra 10 oz Silver Coin Design

The design of the Kookaburra series, including the Kookaburra 10oz silver coin is realized in high relief, these coins being minted in proof quality.

The obverse of the Kookaburra 10oz silver coin comprises inscriptions like ELIZABETH II, AUSTRALIA, and the face value of 10 DOLLARS. It also depicts the right facing portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. It is a majestic illustration encountered on all Australian coins.

The reverse of the Kookaburra 10oz silver coin is what really enchants and attracts viewers and it depicts a Kookaburra on a tree with gum leaves. It is an engraver realized by Darryl Bellotti. Also on the tail side is inscribed AUSTRALIAN KOOKABURRA and the issuing year 2012 together with the size and purity 10oz 999 SILVER. It is a pattern developed by the Perth Mint, which is also present on the reverse to the mintmark P, for the Koala series.

Kookaburra 10 oz Silver Coin Investment

The Kookaburra 10oz silver coin it can be considered by some investors just the right size. It can be the perfect denomination because unlike the 1 kilo Kookaburra silver bullion can allow the investor to pick other silver coins until he has reached his or her budget. Therefore it is a more permissive coin from the precious metals investment point of view.

Acquiring a gold bullion coin that weighs 10 troy ounces, like the homonym of the Kookaburra 10oz silver coin, would be quite expensive for a lot of people and maybe not so many would risk such an investment. However, the Kookaburra 10oz silver coin, which was issued in 2012, is affordable and as the price of silver will increase so will the value of this coin making it into a profitable asset.

The Kookaburra series, as the Perth Mint announce, was limited at only 10,000 coins for its first year of appearance, 2012. It is a scarce mintage that indicates that the premium of the Kookaburra 10oz silver coin will increase in the future. Another factor that draws investors towards coins like the Kookaburra 10oz silver coin minted in 2012, which is available on our website, is their liquidity; there is always demand on the market for coins like these.