Mar 2012


Mar 2012

About the 8 Florin 20 Francs Gold Coin

By StoneX Bullion

Everything about the 8 Florin 20 Francs Gold Coins

It can be considered that Austria has become renowned for reminting gold bullion coins and one of these coins are the 8 Florin 20 Francs gold coins which were first issued between 1870 and 1892 as trade coinage. This happened because the Latin Mint Union gained a new member, Austria.

The two denominations in which were issued the Florin gold coins are the 4 Florin 10 Francs and the 8 Florin 20 Francs gold coins. These two gold bullion coins, minted during the reign of Emperor Franz Joseph I, continue to be minted today, both having inscribed on their reverse the year 1892 which is unconditioned from the year of issuing.

The 8 Florin 20 Francs gold coins have a diameter of 21 mm and a total weight of 6.451610 g out of which 5.81 g is their fine weight, meaning the weight of pure gold used in manufacturing a 8 Florin 20 Francs gold coin. The 5.81 g are equivalent with 0.1867 troy ounces of gold. When producing these Austrian gold coins, also known under the name of gulden, gold is alloyed with cupper. This results in a highly qualitative gold coin with 90.00% fineness.

Design for the 8 Florin 20 Francs Austrian Gold Coins

The reverse of the 8 Florin 20 Francs gold bullion coins depicts the Austrian Coat of Arms. As in the case of the 4 Florin gold coins, we observe the Imperial eagle with two heads and with Austrian shield on its chest. This symbol of the Austrian Empire is surrounded by IMPERIUM AUSTRIACUM 8 FL 20 Fr. and at the bottom of the coin inscribed 1892.

The obverse illustrates the laureate bust of Emperor Franz Joseph I facing right together with the words RANCISCUS IOSEPHUS I D G IMPERATOR ET REX. Austria commemorates the famous monarch through the issuing of a variety of gold coins and this understandable if we were to consider that the monarch reigned for 68 years.

Why Invest in the 8 Florin 20 Francs Bullion Gold Coins?

The 8 Florin 20 Francs gold bullion coins were in high demand between the years when they were minted as trade coinage and are also popular as coins reminted by the Austrian Mint presently. By striking them, the Austrian government guarantees their quality and their gold content and at the same time responds to the demand manifested by investors.

The 8 Florin 20 Francs gold coins are characterized by the state brilliant uncirculated and have their price determined in accordance with the gold spot price which is daily announced, it is quoted on the world stock exchanges. They are also appropriate for investors to trade them because are gold coins free of taxes thanks to their high purity of 90.00%.

By situating amongst one of the most famous gold coins, historians and collectors manifest a particular interest when comes to the 8 Florin 20 Francs gold coins. They remind us of the rich and flourishing history of the Austrian Empire.

Whether you are an experienced investor, a novice one, a passionate collector, or just someone with a vivid interest when it comes to history, and you want to buy a 8 Florin 20 Francs gold coin, you will find it on our website.