Mar 2012


Mar 2012

About the 4 Dukats Gold Coin

By StoneX Bullion

4 Dukats Gold Coins History

The 4 Dukats gold coin is a commemorative coin, just like the 1 Ducat gold coin. These Austrian coins, all commemorate the Emperor Franz Joseph I who died in 1916. That is why all the 4 Dukats gold coins were issued after 1915 being restrikes of the original Dukats. That is the reason for which on all these Austrian gold coins it appears the year 1915, it does not matter in which year they were minted by the Austrian Mint.

It is assumed that in 1612 is when Austria began minting Dukats and these regular issues lasted until 1914. After that we are talking only about restrikes and it is estimated that between 1920 and 1936 there were minted 496,501 4 Dukats gold coins.

Before being reduced at the grade of uncirculated gold coins and to the status of commemorative gold coins, the 4 Dukats were gold coins and at the same time units of account used in the majority of European countries like Russia, Austria, Swede, and others, having a face value of 9s 4d (nine shillings and four pence).

The 4 Dukats gold coins are manufactured from gold of 98.60% fineness, the equivalent of 23 ¾ carats, a very good quality for a gold coin that used to be issued for circulation. These Austrian gold coins are only 0.7 mms thick, which is little compared with modern coins. This is due to the fact that they inherit the aspect of medieval gold coins. Their gold content weighs 13.76 grams or 0.4430 troy ounces of gold.

4 Dukats Gold Coins Beautiful Illustrations

The obverse of the 4 Dukats gold coins features the portrait of the commemorative Emperor, the laureate head of Emperor Franz Joseph I who had one of the longest modern reigns. He was a monarch for 68 years until passing away in 1916. He is facing right and is surrounded by FRANC IOS I D G AUSTRIAE IMPERATOR.

The reverse of the 4 Dukats gold coins illustrated the double headed eagle, a symbol of the Austrian Empire. The Imperial eagle has an Austrian shield on his chest. The words HUNGAR BOHEM GAL LOD ILL REX A A 1915 are also present on the reverse.

4 Dukats Gold Coins Wanted by Investors and Collectors

The first reason for investors and collectors to want trading or collecting the 4 Dukats Austrian gold coins is the fact that they are manufactured from gold with high purity. These coins had one of the highest purity if we were to compare them with other gold coins issued for circulation.

Another reason is that they have a historic charge that is subsequently transmitted to the owner of the 4 Dukats gold coins. They give a sense of stability, they are things that have survived for more than 400 years and they transmit the idea accepted by everyone nowadays: gold will remain one of the best and most accessible means of investment.

Gold, as a precious metal in which is advisable to invest, comes in many varieties from bullion gold coins to bullion gold bars. So it happens that sometimes these varieties are also extremely beautiful and precious like the 4 Dukats gold coins.

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