Mar 2012


Mar 2012

About the 25 Dollar Sovereign Gold Coin

By StoneX Bullion

The Commemorative Sovereign (25 Dollar)

The Australian Sovereign (25 Dollar) was minted in 2005 to commemorate 150 years since Australia minted its first sovereign. It is denominated as a full sovereign and legal tender in Australia, each coin being accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

The gold sovereign alone is the most renowned gold coin in the world. Adding to that a commemorative Australian Sovereign the result surely will exceed all expectations.

The Australian Sovereign (25 Dollar) has the standard characteristics of all the sovereigns regarding weight, gold content, diameter, and thickness. The Sovereign (25 Dollar) weighs 7.98 grams out of which 7.32 grams is pure gold.

The alloyed used in manufacturing the bullion gold coin is copper in a proportion of 8.33% which leaves us with 91.67% fineness, the equivalent of 22 carat gold. Its diameter is of 20.05 mm and 1.52 mm thickness.

Raised Interest by the Sovereign (25 Dollar)

The Sovereign (25 Dollar) is perfect for diversifying a portfolio because its intrinsic value is surely to continually increase as the price of gold rises taking into consideration the present and future economic conditions. It is also a beautiful way of adding value to a portfolio if we were to consider its aesthetic value.

Collectors cannot escape the opportunity to acquire this Sovereign (25 Dollar) which is a reminted of the sovereign from 1885 which had a great impact on world coinage because that is when the Sidney branch of the Royal Mint came into being. Until the Australian Mint came into being, the only Mint that was issuing legal tender coins for the United Kingdom was London's Royal Mint. After inaugurating the Sidney Mint it went and issued more than 400 million sovereigns until 1932.

Another thing that convinces collectors to buy this bullion gold coin is the fact that the Sovereign (25 Dollar) was issued by the Perth Mint in a limited number of 7,500 coins which could go as far as to be considered a scarce mintage of the commemorative coin.

The Sovereign (25 Dollar) has a special allure to collectors due to being a magnificent coin with a presentation that equals the importance of the coin, all that packed in strictly limited mintage. It was struck by using special dies and highly polished blanks to offer traders and collectors a high quality.

Design of the Sovereign (25 Dollar)

When it was decided to produce the Sovereign (25 Dollar) in 2005, the Perth Mint decided to recreate exactly the reverse of the Sydney Mint Type 1 sovereign. It is about re crafting the colonial reverse, about bringing back the beautiful simplicity of the first sovereign. The Perth Mint succeeded in reproducing elements that have fascinated historians and collectors.

The reverse of the Type 1 sovereign, the one produced 150 years before, depicts St Edwards Crown and laurel wreath. It was a design conceived by Leonard Charles Wyon and reproduced exactly on the 2005 Sovereign (25 Dollar). The 2005 sovereign just like the original one contains the words SYDENY MINT and AUSTRALIA and the inscription ONE SOVEREIGN.

On the obverse of the Sovereign (25 Dollar) it is the classical effigy of Queen Elizabeth II conceived by Ian Rank Broadley together with the year date and the denomination.

If you wish to purchase the Sovereign (25 Dollar) you will find it on our website at a price that offers a competitive margin of 331, the coin's price being free of VAT.