Apr 2012


Apr 2012

About the 2 Mexican Peso Gold Coin

By StoneX Bullion

2 Mexican Peso Gold Coins Small Characteristics

The 2 Mexican Peso gold coins were minted from 1919 until 1947. The Mexican coin displayed on our website is dated from the year 1945, as inscribed on the reverse.

The 2 Mexican Peso gold coins are incredibly small having an overall weight of 1.6666 grams out of which the weight of gold is 1.50 grams, the equivalent of 0.0482 troy ounces of pure gold. These small Mexican gold coins come in a high purity, 90.00% fineness.

Due to their sizes, having a diameter of 12.85 mm, the 2 Mexican Peso gold coins are highly used in the jewelry industry, mostly in manufacturing earrings due to their small diameter and insignificant size.

2 Mexican Peso Gold Coins Design

The design for the 2 Mexican Peso gold coins transmits exactly what it needs to: that this is a bullion coin with a high purity and is designed for being used in gold investment.

The obverse of the 2 Mexican Peso gold coins is a classical one for the coins minted at that time by the Mexican government. It depicts an eagle standing on a cactus while holding a snake into his beak. Below this design it is present the illustration of a wreath and the only inscription found on the obverse is ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS.

The reverse for this tiny coin was kept real simple and basic. The first thing noticed at the reverse of the 2 Mexican Peso gold coins is the face value of these coins, which is engraved in large letters that occupy almost the entire tail of the coins DOS PESOS. These letters are surrounded by a garland wreath. At the top of the coin is inscribed the year of issuing, in our case 1945.

2 Mexican Peso Gold Coins Investment

It may be that the 2 Mexican Peso gold coins are really small however investors should not overlook their importance because of this thing. Their small weight makes them the perfect investment instrument because they can be purchased in a considerable quantity. That is why the 2 Mexican Peso gold coins should be on the list of every bullion bulk investor.

Having a small weight, the 2 Mexican Peso gold coins come as really affordable bullion coins, because they are priced taking into consideration the gold spot price. To this price is added a small premium and their total value is what attracts so many investors towards these Mexican bullion gold coins.

The 2 Mexican Peso gold coins can be a wonderful way for anyone to start taking interest in the investments in gold. They do not require a considerable amount of funds; as a matter of fact anyone can invest into this gold coin at any time. It is the perfect way for ordinary people to own gold, especially in these economic uncertain times, and with the price of gold increasing.

At a price free of VAT, the 2 Mexican Peso gold coins are easily found on our website for any investor or any jewelry manufacturer.