Apr 2012


Apr 2012

About the 10 Mexican Peso Gold Coin

By StoneX Bullion

10 Mexican Peso Gold Coins Description

The 10 Mexican Peso gold coins were issued in certain periods of time, firstly between 1905 and 1920, and then between 1961 and 1972. The coin displayed on our website was minted in 1959, when only 50,000 gold Mexican coins of this type were issued so they should present a great interest for collectors and investors alike.

These 10 Mexican Peso gold coins, besides being bullion coins for bulk investors, they can also be considered as being commemorative coins since they illustrate the portrait of Miguel Hidalgo who died in 1811. He was a catholic priest but most of all he was a revolutionary leader. He fought in the independence war against Spain, being one of the persons that put the basis of the Mexican War of Independence. Therefore, the 10 Mexican Peso gold coins celebrate a very important person, who had as goal the Mexican liberty.

The 10 Mexican Peso gold coins were manufactured from 90% gold and the alloy that completes the composition is copper and has a 23 mm diameter. The gold content is of 7.50 grams and the total weight is 8.33 grams. The gold weight expressed in troy ounces will be the equivalent of 0.2411 oz.

10 Mexican Peso Gold Coins Design

The design of the 10 Mexican Peso gold coins is kind of peculiar and for some we could say that is almost strange. We are going to present you why we state that. No matter the peculiarity one thing is certain: Mexican gold coins are in general one of the most beautiful ever minted.

The obverse which is also known as the head side and that is why on the majority of gold coins features the leader under whose authority those coins were issued or the commemorated event, as far as it concerns the 10 Mexican Peso gold coins the obverse features an eagle while capturing a snake and standing on a cactus. It is a bizarre design and at the same time it sort of captures the viewers. The only inscription present is the country of origin ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS.

The reverse of the 10 Mexican Peso gold coins depicts the famous portrait of Miguel Hidalgo, facing left. He was one of the people that started the Mexican revolution and was also known under the name Father of the Nation. It is inscribed the face value DIEZ PESOS and the minting year 1959.

10 Mexican Peso Gold Coins Popularity

Being manufactured from an alloy of nine parts gold and one copper, the 10 Mexican Peso gold coins have been well preserved during the years that passed since their minting. Therefore, collectors interested in these Mexican coins with a denomination of 10 Peso will be able to enjoy from their intact beauty.

Due to their high purity of 90%, the 10 Mexican Peso gold coins are very popular among investors. And when we add to this popularity an increase in the gold prices then these Mexican coins become a sought after mean of investment.

The 10 Mexican Peso gold coins, these popular coins, are available on our website at a price determined in function of the gold spot price and free of VAT.