Oct 2021


Oct 2021

Why You Should Invest In Gold

By StoneX Bullion

If there is anything we have learnt over the past 18 months, it’s that nothing is certain! In these times of uncertainty, people are looking for different ways to invest their money.

Investing in gold is not a new concept but it may be an appealing one for you! Let’s see why.

Why should you invest in gold?

Gold should be an essential part of your investment portfolio, and the economy’s current state is showing that now is the time to do it. This precious metal has been used as a primary form of currency throughout history. Physical gold had, has, and will always have value.

Regardless of whether you’re new to bullion investment or not, you need to conduct deep research (as you would with any kind of new investment).

Here are a few steps you can’t ignore when buying gold:

  • Find out what exactly how you want to invest in gold. Learn more about the difference between investing in gold bars and coins (our recommendation and you can read why here!), gold jewelry, mining stocks, and Gold ETFs.
  • Keep an eye on price fluctuations and aim to buy when the prices are down ( or at least, not at their highest! )
  • Make sure that you’re keeping up to date with current affairs and keep in mind that several things can affect the spot price of gold. Events such as wars, crises in the central bank, or changes in the supply/demand of this precious metal can influence the price.
  • Read up on the common mistakes made by gold investors. Learn from others!

The top three benefits of buying gold in 2021

Gold has been relatively stable historically, and trends are showing better performance each year. If you are looking to diversify your portfolio, or start investing for the first time, check out why we think gold is a great option for you.

1. A safe place to shelter wealth in times of financial markets volatility

Historically, gold has seen its value rise in times of crisis. The precious metal is seen as insurance against inflation because it gives you the power to lock an amount of money at a specific rate.

2. Price Stability

Gold’s price is quite stable, and it does not go down by a significant margin even during a crisis compared to other options in the market. Another reason that makes gold holding its value and stability is that the precious metal is the only international currency.

3. Diversification

Diversifying your investments help you to minimize the risks of loss as also to reduce volatility. It gives you the chance to discover more winning opportunities. When it comes to gold, investing in this precious metal is an easy and convenient way to diversify your portfolio.

Physical gold like coins, bars, bullions, or jewelry is a long-term type of investment, and it is a stable store of value that can be liquidated whenever needed. Gold is a tangible asset, and the good thing about it is that your investment can’t be hacked or erased, like the money in your bank account.

Nowadays, in a time of uncertainty, it could be a good idea if you have some “real money” outside of the digital world.

Stay tuned for more valuable information! We’re happy to help you to make informed decisions on how to invest in precious metals.