Nov 2020


Nov 2020

Behind the scenes: StoneX Coin Bar

By StoneX Bullion

You may have noticed that we have a new coin bar on the block, courtesy of StoneX. With 999,9 purity and a glossy finish, the StoneX 1 Kilo Silver Coin Bar is considered by many to be a fantastic investment opportunity. This product is flying off our shelves so we wanted to give you a little peek behind the scenes of our latest product.

First off, what is StoneX? This publicly-traded financial services firm has offices around the world and ranks 112th in the Fortune 500 list of the largest US corporations by total revenue. What’s more, they have been the parent company of https://stonexbullion.com since April 2019.

We had a little chat with Daniel Marburger, Managing Director of https://stonexbullion.com to discuss the process behind making this beautiful coin bar.

So, why did StoneX decide to make this product?

StoneX covers the whole process, from sourcing precious materials in mines across the globe and bringing the material to refiners, to distributing the bars to wholesale and retail customers around the globe. We are also involved in the hedging process throughout. So it made complete sense to create our own product to complete our list of offerings!

Can you describe the design process behind this bar?

We wanted a clean yet eye-catching product. The StoneX coin bar is our first product and everything had to be perfect in order to appeal to our customers. This is not just a silver product, but an opportunity to advertise our brand and reach a whole new audience. As you can imagine, hours went into the design. We debated everything, whether it should be minted or poured, glossy or matte finish. We decided on a minted bar with a glossy finish that can practically act as a mirror. Internally, the design went through several rounds of approval before we reached the final product. With all of the design elements in place, we also had to make sure that the product would be competitive in the market. In the end, we managed to create a beautiful product that has the lowest-premium across our whole silver range.

Why would your customers choose this product?

Our typical customer spends 2,500€ when shopping for silver at https://stonexbullion.com. With the 1 Kilo StoneX Coin Bar, at current prices, they could get 3 bars at a very competitive price. It helps our investors to build up their silver investment at a faster pace without spending too much on premium. This product is cost-effective, beautiful to look at, and easy to store. The black packaging carries a sticker featuring the bar number, a nice touch that helps to track your investment if you own more than one.

What feedback are you receiving from industry peers?

Believe it or not, https://stonexbullion.com is not just a retail platform. We also work in the wholesale space. Within the first days, we received feedback from dealers around the world who were interested in taking large wholesale platforms. For now, we decided that we would like to keep the bar exclusive to our platform and our customers.

Will StoneX be producing more physical precious metal products?

The 1 Kilo Coin Bar was the first test to see how investors might react to the product. We are delighted that the response has been overwhelming. We have sold more than a metric ton within a couple of days, even before promoting the bar in a newsletter to our clients. Needless to say, the answer is yes. There will be more! We are very excited to work on different sizes and metals going forward.

So there you have it, folks! Keep your eyes peeled for more StoneX products and make sure that you secure your Silver Coin Bar today. If you have any questions regarding this bar or any of our other products, feel free to send an email to customercare@stonexbullion.com and our team will be more than happy to help!

Both sides of the StoneX 1 Kilo Silver Coin Bar
Both sides of the StoneX 1 Kilo Silver Coin Bar
StoneX 1 Kilo Silver Coin Bar