Feb 2021


Feb 2021

Behind the scenes: 1 oz Silver Bitcoin

By StoneX Bullion

2021 has seen the introduction of a new and exclusive coin - the 1 oz Silver Bitcoin. Exclusive to https://stonexbullion.com, this unique coin is the first in what will be an annual series

Daniel Marburger, Managing Director of https://stonexbullion.com has given us some insights into the process of making this special coin.

1 oz Silver Bitcoin 2021 Front

Limited Quantities of Silver Bitcoin 2021 available, Move Ahead:

How did you come up with the idea to make this product?

The combination of silver and bitcoin, combined with the chance to make a digital investment tangible was the product's idea. We tried to link the coin as much to bitcoin as possible, with several very geeky highlights.

1 oz Silver Bitcoin 2021 Stack

What features make this coin so unique?

How can we make Bitcoin a tangible asset? That was a question we wanted to answer with the 1 oz silver Bitcoin. It carries the value of silver in mBTC on its edge to display, how much bitcoin would be necessary to purchase 1 oz of silver. Of course, the asset the customer is holding in their hands is silver, not bitcoin but the connection to it is closer than everything else that has ever been produced. We aim to make this a yearly series, to show the value of bitcoin versus the silver price and the development of both assets. 

The numeric code adds another highlight to the coin, translated it says Satoshi, bitcoins mysterious founder. 

Why should your customers buy this product?

With a limited mintage of just 25.000 coins, this is a rare opportunity to be part of modern numismatic history. Never has a cryptocurrency seen as much interest as bitcoin, and with all the features the coin is loaded with, it will attract precious metal and cryptocurrency investors alike.

If there is a coin we will all remember in 2021, it will be the 1 oz Silver Bitcoin, which is exclusive to https://stonexbullion.com

1 oz Silver Bitcoin 2021 Monsterbox

Keep your eyes peeled for more exclusive https://stonexbullion.com products and make sure that you secure your Bitcoin today. Remember, this coin doesn’t actually hold any bitcoin! If you have any questions regarding this coin or any of our other products, feel free to send an email to customercare@stonexbullion.com and our team will be more than happy to help!