Apr 2012


Apr 2012

Gold Coins

By StoneX Bullion

Gold Coins Value

Gold coins are made entirely out of gold having a purity of 99.999% like it is the case with the Canadian Gold Mountie and the Canadian Maple Leaf coins or are made using gold with an alloy mostly copper leaving us with a smaller purity like the Gold Panda, the Krugerrand, the British Sovereign, and multiple other coins. The material from which they are manufactured, gold, has been used with this purpose since the invention of coinage, another popular precious metal from which coins are made being silver.

Gold investment is one of the reasons for which gold coins are minted by many nations. Another reason is that they serve as legal tender in the countries which produce them. However, the main reason for which gold coins are issued is to be sold to collectors and to serve as a primary instrument of investing into this precious metal, otherwise known as bullion coins.

Nevertheless, the denominations for which they are issued are not the same with their bullion value. For example, a coin can be issued with a denomination or face value of $50 and for investors and collectors who want to invest in gold is available at a price of $1,500.

There are many reasons to invest into gold coins, one of them being that they offer privacy to the investor and they are free of taxes. Also, it is much difficult to counterfeit gold than it is in the case of other precious metals thanks to its higher density. Another reason for investing into gold is that is has a high value to weight ratio than in the case of other commodities like silver.

List of Major Gold Coins

The list we are going to present you comprises gold coins which are made of 999/1000 pure gold and the rest 1/1000 is allocated to the alloyed metal, there are also coins with purity of 22 carats or 21.6 carats because coins vary in fineness.

The list comprised of major gold coins, but there are many other out there, is the following: Australian Gold Nugget, Vienna Philharmonic Gold Coin, Canadian Maple Leaf and Canadian Mountie, Chinese Gold Panda, Krugerrand, British Sovereign, Gold Britannia, American Gold Eagle, American Buffalo, 20 Francs Napoleon, Lunar Series I, Lunar Series II, Centenario (50 Pesos), Libertad, Kelantanese dinar, Double Eagle, Golden Irbis, and Kijang Emas.

Gold Coins Addressed to Collectors

The price paid by collectors for gold coins is determined by a number of characteristics: rarity, age, limited mintage number, and the condition in which the coin is found the most sought after condition is the Brilliant Uncirculated one.

When we talk about how much a gold coin can value there are some impressive numbers and we are going to give you some examples of incredibly valuable gold coins.

A Double Eagle gold coin issued in 1933 having a face value of $20 was sole in 2002 for some astronomic sum of $7,590,020. It reached such a high value because only few coins of this type survived from being melted down or surrendered.

Another valuable coin, this time for its gold content mostly and also rarity, was sole for $2 million in 2007. We are talking about a 100 kilograms gold coin minted by the Royal Canadian Mint.

For $5 million was sold the unique coin manufactured especially for President Andrew Jackson as a gift in October 2007, being amongst the most expensive gold coins in the world.