Apr 2012


Apr 2012

Coins for Sale

By StoneX Bullion

Profitable Coins for Sale

Coins can be categorized into numismatists or bullion coins for sale, whether we are talking about silver or gold. Coins are a great example of items in which people can invest because the price of precious metals is currently increasing. Therefore, to buy silver or gold bullion in the form of coins is an ideal investment for diversifying assets in a profitable manner.

Numismatists coins for sale can be a dream for everyone because they can bring a lot of money to the seller. These gold or silver coins are sold to collectors which are always disposed to pay a considerable amount of money when coins are accompanied by certain characteristics like age, rarity, and condition in which they have been preserved. The most impressive example is the Double Eagle gold coin minted in 1933 which was sold for $7,590,020 because it amount all the characteristics enumerated above.

Bullion coins represent one of the most popular ways to invest in precious metals because they are easily sold, everyone wanting to own such a coin made of gold or silver, they are exempt from VAT, can be bought in considerable quantities and diversity compared with bars, and are a beautifully aesthetic investment of which you grow very fond of. So having such coins for sale is a beautiful and easy manner to be profitable.

Gold Coins for Sale

The most sold gold bullion coin is the one produced by South Africa, the Krugerrand which has a purity of 91.67%. If you invest into this gold bullion coins for sale or if you are already into this possession of such item, you will immediately obtain the wanted money from investors or dealers. These coins for sale are priced accordingly to the gold spot price to which it is added an approximate 5% premium.

Other example of popular coin manufactured from gold is the Canadian Maple Leaf which has a purity of 24 carats and is minted by the Royal Canadian Mint which is renowned for its quality. If you are weighing whether to invest into such a coin you should think no more because it is a profitable investment which can become liquid at any time due to its popularity and high purity.

To this list of popular coins for sale we should also add the Chinese Gold Panda which is loved by investors all over the world thanks to its yearly different design depicting adorable pandas. Also we should not forget about the American Eagle. As noticed, there are numerous coins.

Silver Coins for Sale

Coins manufactured from silver have also become popular amongst all over the world investors, in these times when the price of this precious metal has had a positive evolution, closely analyzed by many people. As a result, owning silver bullion coins for sale could not hurt anyone disposed to make a profit.

Amongst popular coins for sale we should mention the American Silver Eagle, the most owned silver bullion coin by investors, weighing one troy ounce of pure silver, and having a face value of $1. Following on the list of coins for sale we have to add the Silver Canadian Maple Leaf, and next we will let you discover all the minted wonderful coins in which people should invest whenever possible.

As noticed from this article, there are numerous profitable coins for sale manufactured from precious metals like gold and silver, all you have to do is firstly invest into some of these coins and choose the adequate price to sell them.