May 2012


May 2012

About the Red Kangaroo Gold Coin

By StoneX Bullion

Red Kangaroo Gold Coin Characteristics Discover Australia

The Perth Mint issued many series of coins and the Red Kangaroo gold coin issued in 2012 belongs to one famous series, the Discover Australia one, which also includes other four gold coins. These coins depict the following animals: a goanna, a whale shark, a green and gold bell frog, and a kookaburra.

For those that want to invest into a precious metal but for the moment cannot afford a gold investment, like the Red Kangaroo gold coin, they can rest assured because the series Discover Australia is also available as five silver bullion coins, also minted in 2012.

The Red Kangaroo gold coin is manufactured from 24 carats gold, it has 99.99% fineness, being minted in proof quality and issued in 2012. It is available on the market in three different sizes: 1/10 troy ounces, 1/25 troy ounces, and 1/2 oz. The coin featuring a Red Kangaroo and displayed on our website for those willing to invest in it weighs 1/2 troy ounces of pure gold, therefore it is the biggest size available.

Red Kangaroo Gold Coin Design Proof Quality

The obverse of the Red Kangaroo gold coin is a classic Australian one. It depicts the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, whose name is also inscribed on the head side of the coin. The portrait is facing right and is accompanied by the denomination 50 DOLLARS and by AUSTRALIA inscription.

The reverse of the Red Kangaroo gold coin depicts this animal while taking a jump, being famous animals for their long legs. The habitat illustrated on the reverse is looks like a desert habitat. The name of the series and the issuing year DISCOVER AUSTRALIA 2012 is inscribed on the reverse of the Red Kangaroo gold coin alongside other inscriptions like the size 1/2oz and the fineness 9999 GOLD.

Red Kangaroo Gold Coin for Investors and Collectors

Some people might consider that the Red Kangaroo gold coin is a little pricy for their budgets. Nevertheless, it is worth the financial effort because in the future it will transform into a full of rewards asset.

Since the Red Kangaroo gold coin has its price established in function of the gold spot price, with every increase in the price for this precious metal, this coin from the series Discover Australia will also increase in value, becoming profitable for every investor. Also, this coin was from the start characterized by scarce mintage and in time there will be even less coins available for trading which will increase the premium for this coin.

For certain individuals the Red Kangaroo gold coin is a perfect gift. It is certainly an eccentric present that will impress even the people that are hardest to please. It features an animal that has become an Australian symbol engraved on a coin minted in proof quality, so it really has the best presentation that speaks for itself.

The Red Kangaroo gold coin with its bullion characteristics to which is added the scarce mintage is available on our website at a price free of VAT.