May 2012


May 2012

About the Maple Leaf 1 oz Gold Coin

By StoneX Bullion

Maple Leaf 1oz Gold Coin Characteristics

Starting being minted in 1979 by the so famous Canadian Royal Mint, the Maple Leaf 1oz gold coin instantly became a success, being in high demand for investors and collectors. This coin is the official bullion gold coin of the Canadian government. Even though it is a legal tender in Canada, this coin and its other denominations are not considered circulating coins because they are sought after for gold investment and by numismatists.

There is no alloy used in the manufacturing of one Maple Leaf 1oz gold coin therefore it has a purity of 24 carats or otherwise said, a 99.99% fineness. As indicated by the title of the article, this Canadian coin weighs 1 troy ounce of pure gold or 31.10 grams of gold. Other denominations in which comes the Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin are: 1/20oz, 1?10oz, 1?4oz, and 1?2oz.

The Maple Leaf 1oz gold coin can be considered a pioneer for bullion gold coins together with the South African Krugerrand, which was the first one issued. However, the Canadian Maple Leaf was the first bullion coin with 99.99% purity.

Maple Leaf 1oz Gold Coin Design

The head side of the Maple Leaf 1oz gold coin illustrates a portrait facing right of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain. It is an engraver realized by Arnold Machin and it has changed as Her Majesty aged. The inscriptions are: ELIZABETH II, the face value 50 DOLLARS, and the minting year, which on Maple Leaf 1oz gold coin the displayed on our website is 2005.

The reverse of the Maple Leaf 1oz gold coin illustrated an only beautifully designed maple leaf, which is a Canadian symbol and has transformed this coin into one of the most beloved ones. At the top of the coin is engraved the issuing country CANADA and other two inscriptions are present: 9999 FINE GOLD and 1 OZ OR PUR 9999.

Maple Leaf 1oz Gold Coin Profitable Investment

The Maple Leaf 1oz gold coin is so sought after by investors become it one of the most liquid assets since it is trading in every corner of the world. It is one big advantage for this bullion gold coin that weighs exactly one troy ounce.

It may not come as an accessible coin to some investors due to its weight so those individuals can postpone being profitable by trading the Maple Leaf 1oz gold coin and choose instead other denominations to start with.

The price of the Maple Leaf 1oz gold coin is volatile because it has in its composition the gold spot price and a small premium added to the price of gold. Demand for the coin influences the increase of the premium. The higher the demand the more profitable the investor will be.

Being made of pure gold, the Maple Leaf 1oz gold coin issued by the Canadian Mint can be easily scratched and handling marks are noticeable. However, our website offers you the Maple Leaf 1oz gold coin from different years of issuing found in Brilliant Uncirculated condition and at a very affordable price.