May 2012


May 2012

About the Kookaburra 1 kg Silver Coin

By StoneX Bullion

Kookaburra 1 kg Silver Coin Heavy Characteristics

The Kookaburra 1kg silver coin was minted in proof quality by the Perth Mint and is a modern bullion silver coin that was issued in 2012. The Kookaburra as one of the many beautiful Australian animals was also part of the series Discover Australia which was also issued in 2012. Among other animals from this series were the green and gold bell frog, the whale shark, the red kangaroo, and the goanna.

With the Kookaburra 1kg silver coin and its alternative denominations of 1oz and 10oz the Australian Perth Mint announced the commencement of a new annual series minted in proof quality.

The Kookaburra 1kg silver coin weighs 1,000 grams which can also be expressed as 32.151 troy ounces of pure silver because it was minted from 99.90% silver. It has a 100.600 mm diameter and a 14.600 thickness and these are surely characteristics of a bullion coin that any investor would like to have in his or hers possession.

Kookaburra 1 kg Silver Coin High Quality Design

The obverse of the Kookaburra 1kg silver coin, just like the obverse of the Koala coins, and just like the multitude of Australian coins, depicts the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II facing right which is encircled by the following inscriptions ELIZABETH II, AUSTRALIA, and 30 DOLLARS face value.

The reverse of the Kookaburra 1kg silver coin issued in 2012 is the same with the design found on the other denomination belonging to this very young bullion series from 2012. It illustrates a Kookaburra bird sitting on the branch of a tree with gum leaves. Every little detail is realized in high relief making the Kookaburra 1kg silver coin worthy of starting a new and impressive collection in proof quality.

Also present on the tail side of the Kookaburra 1kg silver coin is the name of the bird depicted AUSTRALIAN KOOKABURRA, 2012 the releasing year, and 1 KILO 999 SILVER.

Kookaburra 1 kg Silver Coin Massive Investment

The Kookaburra series issued in 2012, among which we have the Kookaburra 1kg silver coin, is following on the footsteps of the Koala series that also comprised silver bullion coins and has a little more tradition, being issued starting with the year 2007. There are a lot of things that these bullion coins manufactured from silver have in common. Their design and inscriptions present on both sides of the coin are similar, the only difference being the Australian animal engraved.

Another common feature is the denominations in which the two series are minted. The Kookaburra series is minted in 1oz, 10oz and the Kookaburra 1kg silver coin just like the Koala silver bullion coins which are also present in the 1/2oz denomination.

The difference between them is that the Perth Mint decided to issue a limited number of silver coins illustrating a Kookaburra whereas the Koala series was mint to order. Its mintage would stop only when the announcement of the Koala coin for the next year was realized by the Perth Mint.

The Kookaburra 1kg silver coin issued in 2012 is to be found on our website by any investor that has decided to massively invest into precious metals.