May 2012


May 2012

About the Koala 1/2 oz Silver Coin

By StoneX Bullion

Koala 1/2oz Silver Coin Description

The Koala 1/2oz silver coin was minted by the Perth Mint part of a series that last for six years and which has grown in the hearts of investors and collectors. The wonderful thing about these series and about the Australian Mint that issued it is that it has a changing design every year. This factor surprises the lovers of these highly qualitative silver bullion coins and keeps them wondering what the next design will be.

This Australian silver bullion coin issued in the 1/2 troy ounce size has the equivalent of 15.55 grams. The Perth Mint accustomed investors and collectors with high quality and the Koala 1/2oz silver coin issued in 2012 is not an exception therefore it has 99.90% fineness.

Due to coins like the Koala 1/2oz silver coin, silver investment is easy in every part of the world. Anyone willing can perform such a trade, factor that makes bullion coins in general an extremely liquid asset.

Koala 1/2oz Silver Coin Design

As mentioned above, the design of the Koala 1/2oz silver coin is a versatile one from year to year. This article is describing the properties and characteristics of the last silver coin weighing 1/2oz issued, therefore the one from 2012. The engraver for the tail side of the coin was realized by Elise Martinson and the one for the head side by Ian Rank-Broadley as an effigy of Her Majesty.

The reverse of the Koala 1/2oz silver coin designed for 2012 is a faithful depiction of how the life of a Koala is from day to day. In other words, it illustrates an adorable and lazy Koala resting in a Eucalyptus tree. At the top is AUSTRALIAN KOALA and at the bottom the minting year 2012 and the weight and purity 1/2oz 999 SILVER. Above the Koala is the small letter P for the Perth Mint.

The obverse of the Koala 1/2oz silver coin depicts the classic portrait facing right of Queen Elizabeth II whose name is also inscribed on the head side together with other inscriptions, like: AUSTRALIA and 50 CENTS denomination.

Koala 1/2oz Silver Coin Investment

The price of the Koala 1/2oz silver coin is calculated based on the silver spot price to which it is added a small premium. Comparing the price of gold with that of silver, there is a big gap forming between them, therefore the silver investment as an investment into precious metals is highly affordable to every person willing to secure part of their funds.

The Koala 1/2oz silver coin falls in the category of modern bullion coins and the smaller size in which it was minted makes it more affordable than its alternative denominations. So larger quantities can be traded or a considerable amounting collection of such coins can be achieved by everyone. And in the future the investment in the Koala 1/2oz silver coin will show its rewards.

Even though a small percentage of VAT is applied to the Koala 1/2oz silver coin issued in 2012, it still remains a really profitable asset in which to invest and is available on our website.