Mar 2012


Mar 2012

About the Full Sovereign Georg V Gold Coin

By StoneX Bullion

Everywhere Known the Full Sovereign Georg V

It is said about the full Sovereign Georg V to have a more orange gold color when compared with the full Sovereign Edward VII that after being minted it resulted that it had a yellow gold color. So there are collectors that consider the Edward VII Sovereign more appealing from this point of view.

Nonetheless, the full Sovereign Georg V is a desired gold coin for collectors and a traded bullion gold coin for investors. What makes it so desirable is firstly what makes all the sovereigns so appreciated all over the world. Everyone wants to own a sovereign because sovereigns are the most known and the most respected medium of exchange for more than 500 years. There is not a person that would not know how valuable a British Sovereign King like the full Sovereign Georg V is.

As you can see, the full Sovereign Georg V is a coin with tradition that manifests a high demand among investors, collectors, and history buffs. This increased demand is combined with the scarcity of the coin around the world. Also, investors should consider the fact that the sovereigns like Georg V Sovereign are non-reportable to the I.R.S so they are the perfect path for privacy.

Standard Full Sovereign Georg V

The full Sovereign Georg V has been minted between 1911 and 1932 by the Royal Mint. This sovereign bearing the bust of Georg V, like all the sovereigns produced beginning with 1817, has the standard characteristics regarding its diameter, weight, fineness, and the alloyed used in producing the famous and everywhere recognizable sovereigns.

The full Sovereign Georg V weighs 7.968 grams but if we were to scale the weight of pure gold it would result that it is 7.32 grams. So the Georg V Sovereign is made of roughly 0.2354 troy ounces of fine gold.

Another standard characteristic is that in producing the sovereign the gold is alloyed with copper, there are 11 parts gold and 1 part copper. Therefore, the full Sovereign Georg V has 91.67% fineness and the rest of 8.33% copper. The diameter of the Georg V Sovereign is of 22.05mm. Also, the full Sovereign Georg V is legal tender in the United Kingdom having the face value of one pound.

Another common characteristic of the sovereigns, especially the Edward VII Sovereign and the full Sovereign Georg V, is that these coins have been used as emergency money for decades being one of the items in a soldier’s survival kit during the World War II and also in the Desert Storm.

Design for the Full Sovereign Georg V

The reverse of the full Sovereign Georg V is the classical encountered on every sovereign produced starting with the Tudor Dynasty. We are talking about the famous and the mythical image of St George slaying the dragon designed by Benedetto Pistrucci and personally approved by the King.

On the obverse we, obviously, find the large uncrowned bust of King George V who is one of the two United Kingdom Kings illustrated on sovereigns. The first to have its bust on sovereigns was Edward VII. The portrait of King George V is facing towards the left.

To sum up, if you want to invest in this coin or you are passionate about collecting sovereigns, you can purchase from us the Georg V Sovereign at a price of $424.08. The price including VAT is also $424.08 so the sovereign is exempt from VAT. The full Sovereign Georg V offered by us is in Brilliant Uncirculated Condition.