Apr 2012


Apr 2012

About the 20 Lire Umberto I Gold Coin

By StoneX Bullion

20 Lire Umberto I Gold Coins Description

The 20 Lire Umberto I gold coins were minted between 1879 and 1897 by the Italian government. Belonging to these series of 20 Lire gold coins are also the coins minted under the reign of Viktor Emmanuel I and Viktor Emmanuel II, besides Umberto I. So there are three gold coins belonging to this series.

Besides issuing the 20 Lire Umberto I gold coins, this Italian king gave a boost to his Kingdom. He was the son of Viktor Emmanuel II and the last Savoy to reign in Italy. He was killed in 1900 by an anarchist Gaetano Bresci and that was the end of the Savoy dynasty on Italian territory because the son of Umberto I died in exile in Egypt and was never berried in Italian soil.

Having a total weight of 6.4516 grams, meaning the weight of gold plus the weight of the alloy, the 20 Lire Umberto I gold coins have a purity of 90.00%, the equivalent of 21.6 carats. The weight of pure gold used in manufacturing a coin is of 5.81 grams. Other characteristics of these gold coins are the diameter of 21 mm and 1.3 mm thickness.

20 Lire Umberto I Gold Coins Design

The engraver for these Italian gold coins issued under the reign of Umberto I was Filippo Speranza.

The obverse of the 20 Lire Umberto I gold coins illustrates the bear head portrait of king Umberto I. It was also engraved the minting year. As said above these Italian coins were minted between the years 1879 and 1897, nevertheless the gold 20 Lire coin displayed on our website has inscribed on it the minting year 1882. The other inscriptions present are UMBERTO I because his portrait is found on the obverse facing left and RE D'ITALIA.

The reverse of the 20 Lire Umberto I gold coins depicts the Savoy coat of arms and thee only other inscription present on this part of the coin is the face value L 20, meaning 20 Lire.

20 Lire Umberto I Gold Coins Investment

Compared with other gold coins, we could state that these gold coin were minted in a fairly scarce mintage therefore collectors are interested in owning one of the 20 Lire Umberto I gold coins. It is a historic coin depicting the last Italian monarch from the Savoy dynasty.

Therefore the 20 Lire Umberto I gold coins are of great interest to investors due to their precious metal from which they are manufactured. This is because their value is calculated in relation with the gold spot price. And this is one way of regarding these Italian gold coins as valuable and profitable assets.

To the gold price is added a premium which is also volatile, it evolution being in direct relation with the demand manifested for the 20 Lire Umberto I gold coins. Since their mintage was scarce, demand is likely to increase in the future, becoming of interest for collectors due to their historic significance.

The 20 Lire Umberto I gold coins are available on our website at a price that is free of VAT.