Mar 2012


Mar 2012

About the 20 Kronen Gold Coin

By StoneX Bullion

Austrian 20 Kronen Gold coins

The 20 Kronen gold coins were initially issued between 1892 until 1916. These old minted gold coins had inscribed on them their issuing date. The 20 Kronen gold coins where issued after 1916 also, after Emperor Franz Joseph I died, but only as commemorative coins.

These new renderings of the Austrian gold bullion coin bear the date of 1915, honoring the long and fruitful reign of Emperor Franz Joseph I. The 20 Kronen gold coins do not have the status of legal tender.

The 20 Kronen gold coins together with the other two varieties under the form of 10 Kronen gold coins and 100 Kronen gold coins were regarded as denominations since the monetary reform taking place in 1982 and until Austria became a republic which was in 1918.

The 20 Kronen gold coins have a purity of 90.00% or 900/1000 purity. This is the equivalent of 21.6 carats gold. The Austrian gold coin has a diameter of 21.00 mm and a thickness of 1.20 mm. its overall weight is of 6.7751 grams. The gold content is of 0.1960 troy ounces of gold, meaning 6.0976 grams of pure gold.

20 Kronen Gold Coins Commemorative Design

The 20 Kronen gold coins have on their obverse the portrait of Emperor Franz Joseph I, his bust is facing right. It is the illustration of a bear headed Emperor. The Emperor has company on the obverse of the gold coins from the part of the words FRANC IOS I D G IMP AUSTR REX BOH GAL ILL ET AP REX HUNG.

He is commemorated by writing on the reverse of the gold Austria coin, the year 1915. This year reminds people of one of the longest modern reigns and that belongs to Emperor Franz Joseph I, a reign that lasted no more or less than 68 years.

The reverse of the 20 Kronen gold coins also depicts the double headed eagle which is a symbol of the Austrian Empire. The Imperial eagle is surrounded by the following words: XX CORONAE MDCCCCXV 20 1915 COR.

On the edge of the Austrian gold coins are written the words Vnitis Viribvs.

20 Kronen Gold Coins for Investors

These commemorative gold bullion coins minted after 1916 and bearing the year 1915, no matter the year in which they have been minted, are firstly a great gift. The 20 Kronen gold coins are especially suitable for people passionate by history and by vast and strong Empires that rule a part of this world. These gold coins will surely make for an unforgettable gift.

The 20 Kronen gold coins are also desired by numismatists since we are talking about a commemorative coin bearing the portrait of one of the most beloved monarchs of Europe.

These small and beautiful 20 Kronen gold coins are a perfect way to diversify a portfolio. They are a way to own gold, to store wealth by investing into Austrian bullion gold coins, and a way for investors to be sure that are safe from inflationary times.

The 20 Kronen gold coins can be found on our website at the price of EUR 256.65 which is free of VAT.