Apr 2012


Apr 2012

About the 20 Euro Buche Gold Coin

By StoneX Bullion

20 Euro Buche Gold Coin Description

The 20 Euro Buche gold coin was minted in 2011 and is the second issued from a series designed to commemorate the German forest. The series started in 2010 and the first leave that appeared on the obverse of the gold coin was an oak leave. All these wonderful and simply designed gold coins have been minted in order to commemorate the German forest which accounts for one of the most beautiful natural places on earth.

With a weight of 3.89 grams and a purity of 99.99%, therefore made just from gold without any alloy, the 20 Euro Buche gold coin would be the dream of any fractional investor or collector. At a weight of 1/8 troy ounces of pure gold, this tiny coin minted in 2011 and commemorating the German forest has a diameter of 17.5 mm.

These series of 20 Euro gold coins that are issued in order to celebrate every important tree from the German forest will have a total of six coins, in 2011 it was minted the 20 Euro Buche gold coin, and for the year 2012 we should expect a gold coin dedicated to the spruce. It will be issued in June when its price will also be established.

20 Euro Buche Gold Coin Design

There are not so many words to be written relating the design of this 20 Euro Buche gold coin, the second of this German forest gold coin series. On the obverse it is illustrated a single beech leave, beech accounts for approximately 15% of the German trees. We should not forget that this leave is engraved in 99.99% pure gold. The inscriptions present here are DEUTSCHER WALD, BUCHE. It was a design realized by Frantisek Chochola.

The reverse of the 20 Euro Buche gold coin is not as simple engraved as the obverse because we have two major symbols depicted here: the German eagle and the 12 European stars. BUNDESREPUBLIK DEUTSCHLAND 2011, the face value 20 EURO, and the letter F which means that this gold coin illustrated on our website has been minted in Stuttgart, are also present on the reverse of the 20 Euro Buche gold coin.

Invest in the 20 Euro Buche Gold Coin

The total of gold coins issued in 2011, belonging to this series, was of 200,000 gold coins. It is quite a scarce mintage, a dry supply for the 20 Euro Buche gold coin. It is also the aspect that made demand be greater that its supply and that, most importantly, will increase its value in the future. Investors that will preserve the German beech gold coin in the Brilliant Uncirculated condition will be able to make a profit when these gold coins that become extremely rare.

In 2011, the 20 Euro Buche gold coin was issued at a price of 184.23 Euro. However, its value slightly increased but this gold coin still is an affordable coin thanks to its dimensions and spectacular at the same time because it is made of pure gold, 99.99% fineness.

The 20 Euro Buche gold coin manifested a great interest before even being issued and the demand for it is still great since its mintage was so limited and fortunately you can find it on our website.