Mar 2012


Mar 2012

About the 1 Ducat Gold Coin

By StoneX Bullion

1 Ducat Gold Coin Particularities

1 Ducat gold coin was first issued by the Austrian Mint in the early 16th century, first having the status of legal tender. The respective status was lost in 1857 and after that continued to be used as a trade coin which lasted until 1915, before the outbreak of the World War I. 1915 it is also the year that appears on the new edition of the 1 Ducat gold coin and of all the editions that have been issued after that.

Ducats were used in Austria, Russia, Sweden, Holland, in the majority of European countries as gold coins and as units of account having a value of nine shillings and four pence.

Regarding the composition of a 1 Ducat gold coin we can say that in total it weighs 3.4909 grams, 3.44 grams are pure gold which is the equivalent of 0.1107 troy ounces of gold. The Austrian coin has 98.60% fineness.

Reverse and Obverse of 1 Ducat Gold Coin

The reverse of 1 Ducat gold coin illustrates the symbol of the Hapsburg dynasty and the Austrian emblem. That is a double-headed imperial eagle which is regarding in the east and west at the same time. The year of denomination 1915 also appears on the reverse in the inscription HUNGAR BOHEM GAL LOD ILL REX A A 1915. This year is a remembering of the harsh economic conditions, brought by the First World War, that impeded the temporarily mintage of 1 Ducat gold coin.

The new edition of 1 Ducat gold coin has the same design as the first Austrian coins that were struck in 1872. The reverse depicts the portrait of the laureate Emperor Franz Joseph who ruled the Austrian Empire for 68 years. His profile facing right is a celebration for one of the longest monarchies. The beautiful commemorative obverse brings aesthetic value to the Austrian gold coin.

Special 1 Ducat Gold Coin

1 Ducat gold coin is a piece desired by both investors and collectors because it is issued in 233/4 carats, in high purity gold. This makes the Austrian coin, which is a commemorative coin, one of the gold coins issued for circulation having the highest purity. Compared with the demand shown by collectors, their issuing number is relatively limited.

The Austrian gold coin is special but looking at it just as at a regular bullion gold coin it is a good investment for preserving wealth in changing economic times when gold is desired by anyone who is concerned about the economic future. These bullion gold coins bring investors a sense of durability and safe ground.

Another aspect that differentiates 1 Ducat gold coin from the rest of the modern gold coins and what also make it a special coin is its thickness of 0.8 mm. this is due to the inherited design from medieval gold coins. Therefore, for those wanting a sense of history it is the appropriate modern combined with past inheritance gold coin.

1 Ducat gold coin in a new edition is available and can be purchased from our website for €146.46, a price that is tax free.