Надежная упаковка и быстрая, застрахованная и безопасная доставка.

Надежная упаковка и быстрая, застрахованная и безопасная доставка.

1 oz Maple Leaf Platinum 2023

Founded in 1908, the Royal Canadian Mint is responsible for all the production and distribution of Canada’s coinage and its enormous minting capacity also allows it to produce foreign circulation, numismatic and bullion coins for international consumers.

Its headquarters occupy an historic building in the centre of Ottawa and this is where one of the most famous coins in the world is produced: the Maple Leaf.

Today you have the opportunity to acquire the 1 oz Platinum Maple Leaf 2023 version on StoneX Bullion and let us tell you why you should definitely add this beautiful coin to your collection:

For the portrait of the Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the II passed away in September 2022 and we often forget that she was also the Queen of the Commonwealth which includes Canada. Her beautiful portrait designed by Susanna Blunt is depicted on the obverse of this Canadian coin.

Simplicity makes this portrait stand out from the rest of the portrait on the Maple Leaf series. Like her father, King George VI, The Queen chose to be portrayed without a crown, instead wearing a simple string of pearls and pearl stud earrings.

The effigy exudes poise, strength and dignity-three qualities that have defined Her Majesty’s reign. It is definitely a more modern yet beautiful representation of the long-reigning Queen of Canada.

The obverse pays tribute to the Late Queen Elizabeth II with a special engraving of the years of her reign (1952-2022). It also shows the face value 50 DOLLARS, the year of mintage 2023 and above her head, her name ELIZABETH. Quite beautiful, remarkable and touching.

For the iconic Maple Leaf symbol of a nation

The reverse of the 1 oz Platinum coin features a large, finely detailed maple leaf. Distinctive prevision-engraved radial lines fill the background and provide an additional security.

The design has been created by Walter Ott, an Austrian trained Master engraver who brought his skills to Canada. He became the Chief Engraver and Director of Art at the Royal Canadian Mint in Ottawa in 1977 until his retirement 1985. He passed away in 2020 aged 100 and has left a beautiful legacy.

The inscriptions include CANADA above the leaf, FINE PLATINUM- PLATINE PUR in English and French, both official languages of Canada, the weight and the purity( .9995)

For the security features

The Royal Canadian Mint applies the most modern security measures in its products to prevent counterfeiting. There are radial lines engraved on both verses of the coin, and the finish creates a pattern that uniquely deflects light.In addition, the Bullion DNA technology consists of an individual string of codes registered in the mint’s database, which only specialised scanners can read. And finally a micro-engraved maple leaf privy mark is positioned to the right of the leaf stem on the reverse. When viewed under a microscope, it shows a ‘23’.(the last two digits of the release year)

Platinum is 30 times more rare than gold so this 1 oz Platinum Maple Leaf coin is definitely special and should-without a doubt, be added to your collection. Platinum coins have recently become very sought-after by investors who want to diversify their investment portfolio with varied bullion

Страна: Канада
Номер продукта: 50420
Серия: Кленовый Лист
Монетный двор: Королевский Монетный Двор Канады
Проба: 999.5/1000
Диаметр, мм: 30
Толщина, мм: 2.87
Валюта: Канадский Доллар
Упаковка: Пластиковый Саше-Пакет
Оптовая упаковка: По 10 в тубе, по 500 в коробке
1 Данный вес указывает на содержание драгоценного металла в изделии. Фактический вес монеты может быть выше.
* Изделие может незначительно отличаться от представленного на рисунке.
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