50 x 1g CombiBar® | Gold | Valcambi

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Emballage sécurisé et livraison rapide, assurée et sécurisée.

Emballage sécurisé et livraison rapide, assurée et sécurisée.

Pays: Switzerland
Numéro du produit: 30023
Series: CombiBars
Purity: 999.9/1000
Mint: Valcambi
Product packaging: Plastic capsule
1 Le poids qui apparaît ici est équivalent à la teneur en métal pure. Le poids réel peut être plus élevé.
* Le produit fourni peut différer légèrement de celui de l'image.
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Par SAVERIO, Italie / Nov 6, 2021

I miei acquisti con Coininvest gmbh

La mia esperienza con Coininvest è sicuramente positiva. Gli ordini vengono eseguiti celermente ed anche la spedizione è veloce e precisa senza tante lungaggini burocratiche. Consiglio di richiedere la consegna presso un access point Ups : meno problemi per tutti. Da ultimo ma non per ultimo ringrazio la gentile Sonia competente e disponibile in caso di nostre necessità. Un saluto a tutto lo staff. Saverio

Par Uldis, Lettonie / May 22, 2020

Good product

I like this combibar.

Par Alan, / Dec 20, 2015

I purchase Gold for the longer term (20 years +) as a form of personal pension outside of the system. I expect in 20 years from now, 1oz may be to large a denomination to trade with others, and this 50 x 1g CombiBar is ideal to purchase, because it is divisible in 1g bars easily for trade. I also believe if bringing gold across borders (where controls may be in place in the future) that this small square form is better suited to that purpose. While I hope and pray that the world does not go the way of my fears and I have not need for this product as insurance, it is a comfort to have it. For the above reasons I believe the CombiBar is nice insurance, and a great product, that I am willing to pay the small premium of extra processing by the manufacturer. I also have to say also that I have dealt with the CoinInvest team when purchasing this product in the past, and they do offer a great service.

Par Glen, / Dec 14, 2015

I like this bar and carry it as an 'Emergency' payment. As it's credit card size it fits neatly into your pocket, and you can break off how much 'payment' is required. Of course you need to keep up to date with the price of gold so you get the best return.