Надежная упаковка и быстрая, застрахованная и безопасная доставка.

Надежная упаковка и быстрая, застрахованная и безопасная доставка.

1 oz Dragon Rectangular Gold Coin | 2023

Just like its "silver sister," the design side of this coin features a particularly expressive Chinese dragon from the coin series called "Dragon Rectangle," referring to its rectangular shape. With a face value of 100 Australian Dollars and a limited mintage of 8,888 pieces, you are acquiring a true masterpiece at your StoneX Bullion Shop!

The design side is embossed with a magnificent and powerful Chinese dragon as well as a "P," indicating the renowned Australian mint, the Perth Mint. In China, the dragon holds special significance and symbolizes, among other things, luck and intelligence. Unlike the fearsome fire-breathing dragon image known in the West, this creature represents particularly positive things in the land of the rising sun.

The value side is adorned with the likeness of the late Queen Elizabeth II, showing the years of her reign from 1952 to 2022, the face value of 100 Dollars, and the minting year 2023. You can also see the weight of 1 oz and the gold purity of 999.9.

In your StoneX Bullion Shop, you can now conveniently purchase this beautiful and expressive 1 oz Dragon Gold Coin (rectangular) | 2023 from the comfort of your home. Once your payment is received, it will be sent to you in a protective plastic capsule. You can then proudly add another masterpiece to your portfolio!

Страна: Австралия
Номер продукта: 101413
Серия: Прямоугольный Дракон
Монетный двор: Пертский Монетный Двор Австралии
Тираж: 8888
Проба: 999.9/1000
Диаметр, мм: 41.60 x 24.60
Толщина, мм: 2.79
Номинал: 100
Валюта: Австралийский доллар
Упаковка: Пластиковая капсула
Оптовая упаковка: По 20 в лотке
1 Данный вес указывает на содержание драгоценного металла в изделии. Фактический вес монеты может быть выше.
* Изделие может незначительно отличаться от представленного на рисунке.
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