Серебряная монета Королевский Герб 1 унция 2022 (The Royal Arms)

Надежная упаковка и быстрая, застрахованная и безопасная доставка.

Надежная упаковка и быстрая, застрахованная и безопасная доставка.

10 oz the Royal Arms Silver coin 2022

The Royal Arms is the official Coat of Arms of the ruling monarch, and can be seen everywhere from official British documents to monuments across the United Kingdom. And after centuries of use on banners and shields on the battlefield, the historic Royal Arms has been captured on the latest bullion coin from The Royal Mint.

The Royal Mint really is the mother of all Mints!The Royal Mint produces a staggering 5 billion coins every 12 months.The roots date back to the second century BC when coins were first struck for circulation in Britain. In the 13th century, it was decided that a central place would be chosen to produce all the coins: the Tower of London.Then followed years of successful operations in London but the need of expansion led to a relocation in Wales, in Llantrisant in 1968.

The Royal Mint brand is recognised around the world and has a proud heritage. It is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of coins and has produced some amazing pieces and this Royal Arms coin available on StoneX Bullion is a prime example of fine craftsmanship!

In 2019, heraldic artist Timothy Noad created an interpretation of The Royal Arms for a new bullion coin range, and the historic design returns for a fourth year. His design on the reverse of the coin emphasises the national symbols contained within the device, including the leek for Wales, shamrock for Northern Ireland, Tudor rose for England and the thistle for Scotland.(Britain is its entirety) The image also features a quartered shield with the coat of arms of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland with the Lion of England and the Unicorn of Scotland supporting the shield. The Imperial Crown is featured above the design.

We can also clearly read the motto of the British Monarchy: Dieu est Mon Droit and underneath, the purity of the coin (struck in 10 oz of 999 fine silver)

Please note that for this ten-ounce fine silver coin, The Royal Arms is surrounded by radial lines, which create a beautiful background and provide an added security feature.

Jody Clark’s definitive coinage portrait of Her Majesty The Queen appears on the obverse. The effigy of the Queen was created in July 2015 and Her Majesty is wearing her diadem crown and the royal jewels. We can find her name, the legal tender of the coin 2 pounds together with the initials D.G REG F.D (By the Grace of God Queen and Defender of the Faith )

You can now purchase this beautiful coin on StoneX Bullion…it arrives in protective plastic flips, acrylic tubes of 25 coins or Monster boxes of 500! You should be aware that the mintage is limited to 100 000 so do not wait any longer to purchase it.

Страна: Великобритания
Номер продукта: 209197
Серия: The Royal Arms
Монетный двор: Королевский Монетный Двор
Проба: 999/1000
Диаметр, мм: 89
Толщина, мм: 5,7
Номинал: 10
Валюта: Английский Фунт
Упаковка: Пластиковая капсула
Оптовая упаковка: По 15 в коробке
1 Данный вес указывает на содержание драгоценного металла в изделии. Фактический вес монеты может быть выше.
* Изделие может незначительно отличаться от представленного на рисунке.
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