1 oz Lunar III Rabbit Platinum Coin | 2023

Надежная упаковка и быстрая, застрахованная и безопасная доставка.

Надежная упаковка и быстрая, застрахованная и безопасная доставка.

1 oz Lunar III Rabbit Platinum Coin | 2023

Freshly minted, this beautiful 1 oz Lunar Rabbit Platinum coin 2023 will delight collectors and investors alike. It is now available for purchase on StoneX Bullion. Check out its description below.

The Lunar series III is the successor to the highly successful Lunar series I in gold (1996-2007) and the series II (2008-2019). Because you don’t change a winning formula, the popular Lunar series is based on the Lunar Chinese calendar, which assigns an animal to each year in a repeating 12-year cycle - Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig.

The strengths of the 12 animals of the lunar calendar are said to be evident in those born during their rule.

Fourth in line after the mouse, ox and tiger, the rabbit is said to bestow intelligence, creativity, vigilance and compassion on those born under its influence in 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011 and 2023.

The design on the reverse of the 1 oz Lunar III Rabbit platinum coin is truly charming. It depicts a rabbit leaping through the grass. He is in full action jumping in the air and the attention to details is quite remarkable. Here, the rabbit is showing its athletic qualities and the design represents the characteristics of the well loved animal : springy, fast and terribly cheeky. Included in the design are the Chinese character for ‘rabbit’, the inscription ‘RABBIT 2023’ and The Perth Mint’s ‘P’ mintmark.

We now know that the design of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse will be the last one. The portrait of her Late Majesty the Queen has been designed by Jody Clark. who had only been working as an engraver at The Royal Mint for two years prior to an opportunity to produce the famed effigy. Entering a competition to curate the prominent design on a whim, Clark became the first engraver from The Royal Mint selected to create such portraiture in over 100 years.The fact that it is also the last portrait makes the coin extra special. Here the Late Queen is shown in right-profile relief wearing the George IV State Diadem Crown with the coin’s weight, purity and monetary denomination written around the edge of the coin.

Meticulously crafted from 1oz of 99.95% pure platinum, the coin has a face value of 100 dollars and incorporates an authentication feature in the form of a micro-laser engraved letter. It is only detectable under a magnifying glass and therefore makes the coin very hard to counterfeit.

Since the lunar series was introduced, the coins have proven to be highly collectable, selling out very quickly. Today is your chance to buy on StoneX Bullion the first coin of the new series, so do not miss out.

Страна: Австралия
Номер продукта: 50119
Серия: Лунар III
Монетный двор: Пертский Монетный Двор Австралии
Проба: 999.5/1000
Диаметр, мм: 32.60
Толщина, мм: 2.45
Номинал: 100
Валюта: Австралийский доллар
Упаковка: Пластиковая капсула
1 Данный вес указывает на содержание драгоценного металла в изделии. Фактический вес монеты может быть выше.
* Изделие может незначительно отличаться от представленного на рисунке.
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