1 Kilo Plata en Grano 999.9 | Botella | Argor-Heraeus

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Embalaje seguro y entrega rápida, asegurada y segura

Embalaje seguro y entrega rápida, asegurada y segura

1 Kilo Silver Grain 999.9 | Bottle | Argor-Heraeus

Silver grains are a large number of regularly sized granules and are a product of Argor-Heraeus. Specialising in gold and platinum, Heraeus are now one of the most acclaimed bullion refiners in Europe and are also renowned for their amazing Silver products. Argos-Heraeus is a LBMA accredited refinery and one of the world’s largest processors of precious metals with headquarters in Mendrisio, Switzerland. Argor Heraeus products for sale come in different shapes and forms and today, Coininvest is really pleased to present this 1 kilo Silver Grain 999.9 bottle.

Silver grain is an investment product released in 2021. It is available in 1 or 2 kilos specially designed capsules, secured with hologram seals and labelled with product specification. State of the art granulating machines are used to allow homogeneity and purity.

Argos Heraeus Silver Grain comes only from LBMA certified sources, which guarantees its purity, originality and highest quality.

The silver in this shape and form is very useful to artisans, craftsmen and for industrial processes.From jewellery making to high tech components that need an extremely conductive, corrosion-resistant, metal inside them (such as electronics and medicine industry).

Although not intended for trading or investment purposes, you will enjoy having this fun, original product in your collection.

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