Imballaggio sicuro e consegna rapida, assicurata e sicura.

Imballaggio sicuro e consegna rapida, assicurata e sicura.

1 oz gold Kangaroo 2023

Hear me, hear me loud: the new 1 oz gold Kangaroo is now out and you can purchase it on StoneX Bullion!

The new Kangaroo always represents an event because it has a new design every year.

Here is its description which will surely make you want to buy it:

The new design on the reverse

With a tradition dating back to the 1980s, the Australian Kangaroo is a trusted bullion coin series featuring imagery of the iconic animal that takes its name from the Guugu Yimithirr word ‘gangurru. Today, it is recognised internationally as Australia’s definitive animal emblem. On this 2023 coin, the design portrays a kangaroo looking over its shoulder with a eucalyptus tree and grass trees in the background. The beautiful design was created by Ing Ing Jong who did also get involved in the Lunar series amongst other beautiful creations.

Right next to the shrubbery, the official mint mark of the Perth Mint ("P") can also be seen. The legend shows the name of the coin, the year of issue, the fine weight (1 ounce) and the fineness (9999 gold).

The obverse with the last portrait of Queen Elizabeth II

All coins from the 2023 Australian Kangaroo Bullion Coin Series portray the official ‘Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Obverse”. On this coin has been used the portrait of Her Majesty by Jody Clark. Captured at the age of 89, Her Majesty is wearing her diadem crown and the royal jewels. Clark had only been working as an engraver at The Royal Mint for two years prior to an opportunity to produce the famed effigy. Entering a competition to curate the prominent design on a whim, Clark became the first engraver from The Royal Mint selected to create such portraiture in over 100 years. The drawing is so detailed that you can even see the lines in Her Majesty’s face and the dignity of the Late Queen really transpires. The design on this side has been supplemented with the dates of Her Majesty’s reign 1952-2022.

The obverse also features the following inscriptions:


The Perth Mint and the Kangaroos

The Perth Mint, founded in 1899,has now become one of the most respected mint in the world with globally acclaimed products. They not only have amazing skills from their long running experience but are now using modern techniques allowing them to produce outstanding coins.Originally, the design depicted an Australian gold nugget but in 1989, it was changed to feature the widely recognized symbol of Australia.

The 1 oz coin includes a security feature in the form of a micro-laser engraved letter within the “Australia Kangaroo” inscription. It is only detectable under a magnifying glass.

Her late Majesty will appear for a limited time as the Perth Mint works on a new portrait of King Charles for the Australian currency. It makes this 1oz gold 2023 struck with 99.99% gold even more special.

Now is your chance to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II and make a wonderful investment in the meantime.

Paese: Australia
Numero del prodotto: 101407
Serie: Canguro Australiano
Zecca: The Perth Mint Australia
Purezza: 999.9/1000
Diametro, mm: 32.10
Spessore, mm: 2.80
Valore nominale: 100
Valuta: Dollaro Australiano
Imballaggio del prodotto: Capsula in plastica
Imballaggio voluminoso: 20 imballati, 100 in ogni contenitore
1 Il peso indicato è il peso approssimativo del metallo. Non rappresenta il peso attuale del prodotto, che può essere piu alto.
* Il prodotto spedito potrebbe differire leggermente dall'immagine .
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Da jean dominique, Francia / Jan 17, 2023

new kangaroo

beautiful série every year a pleasure to buy