Mar 2012


Mar 2012

About the Full Sovereign Edward VII

By StoneX Bullion

The Desired Full Sovereign Edward VII

The full Sovereign Edward VII was minted only from 1902 until 1910, a short period for this beautiful sovereign to be produced.We could even state the fact that it is the sovereign with the shortest life span. However, by acknowledging this situation, the full Sovereign Edward VII is more beautiful and more desired by coin collectors, history buffs, and even investors.

The sovereigns are coins that carry with them all the benefits of gold bullion coins and more. They are much appreciated and probably the most recognized coins around the world and the full Sovereign Edward VII belongs to the category of these sought after gold coins.

But what makes the sovereign coins and subsequently the Edward VII Sovereign so special? Firstly, they come in a limited supply and as said above, the full Sovereign Edward VII is the perfect example for that. Secondly, when we have a limited supply on the other side we have a high demand; everything that is scarce raises great interest from collectors side. Also, by trading sovereigns like the Edward VII Sovereign, investors benefit from financial privacy that can be accompanied by a potentially extra premium due to the scarcity that characterizes the full Sovereign Edward VII.

Characteristics of the Full Sovereign Edward VII

Like all the sovereigns, the full Sovereign Edward VII was also made of 22 carat gold. The composition was 91.67% gold alloyed with 8.33% copper. Its approximate weight is of 7.98g out of which 7.32g of pure gold; otherwise put the Edward VII Sovereign has a composition of approximately 0.2354 troy ounce fine gold.

The full Sovereign Edward VII belongs to the British gold sovereigns who are also known as Kings and in a Brilliant Uncirculated condition they become valuable pieces for coin collectors. The Edward VII Sovereigns have been issued throughout Kings Edward VII reign until his death that occurred in 1910.

An interesting fact about the Sovereign Edward VII is that it was included in survival kits of American pilots during both World War II and Desert Storm making them trusted gold pieces that were sized for trade and that had their value guaranteed by the British crown.

The Beautiful Full Sovereign Edward VII

The obverse of the full Sovereign Edward VII depicts the bust of Edward VII who was the King of the United Kingdom between 1901 and 1910. His illustration on the obverse represents of one of the most beautiful sovereigns and it is also the only coinage portrait of the bearded King. As you can notice, there are various reasons for which the full Sovereign Edward VII is a scarce coin that has been minted by the Royal Mint over a short period of 9 years, until the Kings death in 1910.

On the reverse of this sovereign coin we encounter a mythical image recognized all over the world, the slaying of the dragon by St. George. Therefore, the Edward VII Sovereign is a coin that illustrates two epic images: the one of a peacemaker as it was known King Edward VII and the one of a mythical fighter in the person of St. George.

Another feature of the full Sovereign Edward VII is that it has a beautiful yellow gold color if we were to compare it with the George V designs that have a more orange gold appearance. Also, the strikes are good having a sharp relief in all devices.

We are putting the full Sovereign Edward VII at the disposal of our customers at a price of $430.00, a price that is VAT free.