May 2012


May 2012

About the Koala 1 oz Silver Coin 2011

By StoneX Bullion

Koala 1 oz Silver Coin 2011 Characteristics

Minted in 2011, the Koala 1 oz silver coin 2011 is another bullion coin belonging to a series that started in 2007, an idea of the Perth Mint. Although this coin is legal tender in Australia, it is regarded as bullion coin destined to investors and numismatists.

The Koala 1 oz silver coin 2011 has exquisite bullion characteristics, among which is the 99.90% fineness, therefore it is manufactured from pure silver that weighs 31.10 grams or one troy ounce.

Koala 1 oz Silver Coin 2011 Design

For the year 2011 the Perth Mint prepared another adorable design that pleased investors and collectors in a great manner, turning the Koala 1 oz silver coin 2011 into a visible success.

The obverse of the Koala 1 oz silver coin 2011 is classic is no surprise in this area offered to investors by the Perth Mint. It is the same effigy designed by Ian Rank-Broadley. As inscribed, it features the portrait of Elizabeth II, the United Kingdom Queen. The legend also reads AUSTRALIA and the face value of 1 DOLLAR.

The reverse of the Koala 1 oz silver coin 2011 has contributed to the success of this coin and it can be understood why because the two Koalas, an adult and a younger one sitting in a fork tree, really stick to your heart. The inscriptions are AUSTRALIAN KOALA and 2011 1 oz 999 SILVER.

Koala 1 oz Silver Coin 2011 Large Sales

Even though the Koala series was quite a success from the beginning in 2007, the quantitative sales began with the year 2011, with the Koala 1 oz silver coin 2011. This coin registered a quite impressive number of orders. There were sold approximately 910,480 bullion silver coins facing a Koala, as the Perth Mint declared.

Throughout the year of minting, the Koala series is not limited at a certain number of coins. The issuing of silver bullion coins belonging to this series is characterized as being mint to order. This means that at the end of the year the mintage stops and the Perth Mint prepares for releasing a new Koala silver bullion coin, meaning a coin with a different design. Therefore, there will not be other reissuing of the Koala 1 oz silver coin 2011 even though it was such a great success.

Demand for the Koala 1 oz silver coin 2011 and the fact that the coins that were issued are the only ones available on the market to investors and collectors will have a direct influence on the premium of the coin.

This benefic consequence for the ones that have invested in the Koala 1 oz silver coin 2011, who can already be profitable from this bullion coin, can also be noticed on our website. We have available the 1 oz Koala minted in 2011 and the one minted in 2012 corresponding to the same weight. The conclusion is that the price for the edition from 2011 is slightly higher than the price for the coin released in 2012.

After you have seen how you can be profitable by investing into silver bullion like the Koala 1 oz silver coin 2011, you can find it available on our website.